6 Food that will make you look Younger

Looking younger is what all of us are always trying to do and that too at any cost. It is among the top wish of people to stop them from getting older but in reality it isn’t possible so people try to find out other ways in which they can make their looks to stay younger. There is no problem as far as people try making them look younger because it is human nature that we don’t like being old as with the passing of age you lose all your charm and beauty. But problem start when we try to make our looks to be younger through applying variety of creams and other cosmetics. We tend to forget that it is not these artificial cosmetics that will make us younger rather it’s the diet that has the biggest impact on us that we look younger or elder. So here are the list of seven foods which if included in diet can certainly make you look younger.


Lycopene is the antioxidant that performs the function of protecting the skin from getting damage through exposure to sun rays. This antioxidant is found abundantly in tomatoes and can be consumed in the human body when used with olive oil.


Another dieting adjustment should be made by including the oatmeal in food as oatmeal contains the amino acids and Vitamin E. These amino acids and Vitamin E are responsible for combating against those agents who causes damage to skin and hence leading to rapid change in age.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are best known for the substance called collagen that is responsible for keeping the skin fresh and prevent it from sagging. Moreover it also prevents skin from ultraviolet rays that can damage skin and also your chances to look younger.


Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids that help to reduce wrinkles on the skin and to give it a refreshing look through moisture created by it. Add walnuts to your salad dish so that it helps to make you look younger.

Leafy Greens

Vegetables such as spinach and Kale are green leafy vegetables having ‘lutein’ that is the substance effective at reducing the wrinkles on the skin and also help in protecting the skin from inflammable sun rays. Making organic food part of your life can make things better for you.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are highly effective at keeping the skin away from dryness rather balances the PH to keep the skin fresh. Beta-carotene is the substance presents in sweet potatoes those moistures the skin so that it doesn’t get dry and make you look younger.