6 Golden Tips to Look Younger

Makeup is an essential part of a girl life as they love wearing it no matter it’s about going to college or friend’s party, makeup is used everywhere. But now makeup has several other functions to perform apart from making you look pretty. Makeup now also performs the vital function of making you look younger that everyone else gets surprised to see you young. This all comes with some inside knowledge about how to do makeup so you look younger and prettier than ever before. Such golden tips are presented below to make you look younger and increase your beauty.

Begin with a Primer

Most women make a big mistake by not laying foundation with primer rather they tend to start makeup with concealer or foundation. Always remember it that concealer or foundation is not the right way to start the makeup rather begin it with a primer. Why? Because primer has the unique feature of filling up the wrinkle spaces and lines are smoothen to make you look younger and refreshing.

Conceal dark circles

Next thing to do after using primer is to hide the dark circles under your eyes as these make you look older then actually you are. So to conceal them, try using concealer with shade color than is less than your skin tone so that dark circles are not visible any more.

Apply loose powder

To have the best result, always use the loose powder as it helps in keeping your face free from oily or shinny looks that damage your pretty face. Loose powder over foundation is ideal to get a refreshing young look. This is something that needs to be given much attention as powder you use is very important. Moreover also use translucent powder as it has the capacity of filling up the face lines to make you look younger and pretty.

Eyes are Focal

Eyes are attention seeker so avoid overdoing of eyes by applying multilayers of mascara and liners rather make them look younger by applying soft shades like peach or pink in the inner rim of the eyes whereas grey or brown eye shadows will work best.

Never ignore your lips

Never ignore your lips while applying makeup because it is as equal as your eyes to seek people attention but lipstick should be applied with great care. As you get older, your lips become thinner as well so avoid using dark and heavy colors for lips because they make you look even older.

Balancing is important

It is equally important to know what suits you the most and how much makeup would go best with your face and age. So try balancing the makeup.

Image Source: wellnessbin.com