Top 7 Reasons Why Married Couples Break up

Is Your Relationship In Trouble? Are You Struggling With A Dying Relationship? Then it must be the biggest concern of yours at this hour of time. For it is absurd that two people live for a long time and then split up. Down to not knowing the real reason behind the separation it becomes impossible for them to patch up again. Here are top 7 reason of why married couples break up.

1. Bad Habits of Spouse:

Problem arises when the tolerance level of both or one of them is not so good, because of this reason they don’t stand the bad habits of one another. As a result, they become aggressive at very little mistake made by anyone of them and don’t spare them. They want perfection, ignore the good habits of each other rather focus on the bad doings and little mistakes.  This leads their relationship towards destruction and end of their marriage life.

2. Cheating:

The top reason for the breakup of married couples is cheating. There is not a single person in this world who can tolerate infidelity. Cheating is poisonous, and if a partner cheats other than how can he expect that his/her relationship will linger? As it becomes difficult, to gain the trust of significant other again for a person who cheats the other?

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3. Abuse:

Whether it is physical or emotional, it ruins the relationship. So if a partner is abusive then the relationship can’t be survived. Abusive partner hurts other and this way he lost the love of a spouse and this way married couples break up.

4. Money

Money is the apple of discord in every relationship only if financial situation of the couples is weak. A research has shown that money has swallowed 24% relationships in the United States. This figure gives you a fair idea that how much money is frustrating for two people if it comes in their relationship.

5. Job:

Yes, Job is another reason of frequent divorce. If one partner especially male is jobless and remain remained jobless for a long period then it becomes difficult for a relationship to last rather it results in frequent quarrels and at last end up in divorce.

6. Little Communication:

Communication is the most important factor for the successful relationships, and those relationships where there is a gap in communication, this gap become hurdle for moving ahead. That’s why It is necessary for both to keep their relationship alive with healthy communication though little or poor communication between spouse is the major reason for frequent breakups.

7. Different Directions:

When two people live together but don’t have the same directions then it results in splitting up in the end.  Because the conflict in the goals remove the compromise between two and there remains no respect for each other’s goals. As a result, they separate to live up their lives freely.