6 Reasons for Frequent Breakups

Many people tend to find wrong person with them and end up in regretting about it later. Always start your relationship by asking yourself about why you want to be with this person and what makes you think that you two make a good couple. Moreover observing each other and discussing about each other habits helps in realizing that whether you two will become a good person or not. Despite of all this, some people have frequent breakups so let’s look onto reasons that leads to frequent breakups.

Never Cross your Ego

One of the major mistake that end up in breakup is that we tend to cross our ego and hurt others but when you are in relationship this should not happen. Sometimes it’s better to lose because your losing might make your love happy. And moreover relationship building is all about making sacrifices for your love.

Falling for Attraction then Love:

People fall in love too quickly and with the same speed they admit that love has faded away. But in reality this might not be the case because love do not fade away rather it’s just the attraction that vanishes after some time. Love is the essence and feeling that remains forever and it never fades.     

Express Honestly

Always do express your feelings and happiness with your partner because by doing so you actually show how much you love your partner. Such gestures are necessary for a healthy relationship. So never hesitate in expressing love rather feel free to do so and do it frequently but with honesty.

Pity or Love

Sometimes it happens that people in your life come and share their sorrows and other problems with you and you become sensitive towards them. As a result of it you respect them more and care about their needs and wants. But this isn’t love. Make it sure by reconsidering it that are you just pity or it is really love because later you may regret.

Proving Love Desperately

How can you actually prove your feeling of love for your partner when it is intangible? This isn’t possible through buying expensive gifts and taking too expensive restaurants and all but through sharing and caring about your partner. But instead people serve their power and energy in wasting money on useless things to prove their love. Love is feelings that can only be felt voluntarily not forcefully.

Love is not for Business

If you trying to love someone because of his/her social status then you are committing the biggest mistake because love has nothing to do with social status rather it’s the pure feeling when you feel happy and committed with your partner.