Tips on How to Strengthen Lower Back Muscles

“Oh, My Painful Back” Has This Phrase Become The Part Of Your Life? If yes then you are not alone because back pain has become the second most common neurological infirmity in the people especially in adults. Where lumbar (lower back) has most important part of the body that is responsible to support the major part of the body at the same time it is also the of the body part that can injure easily.

Studies have shown that almost 81% of the people experience back pain/injury once in their life, and some got the serious one that cannot be a cure easily. The common reasons for lumbar aching are sitting a lot in the office, or an accident in which your back got hurt badly. It is essential to strengthen the spinal muscle as it protects the spine when you try to sit, squad down, stand, bend or any other task. In order to protect yourself from injury and pain here are some tips for you that will aid you in strengthening the lower back muscle:

Change Lifestyle:

  • Consider how much time you sit in your office or at home? As sitting for the long time, may become the reason to atrophy you back muscle. So try to sit for short periods (not more than 30 minutes at a time)
  • Try to walk for at least half an hour daily. Start with 10 minutes’ walk and then add minutes daily in it.

Take an exercise (Back Strengthening and Aerobic)

  • If you want to get rid of the back pain then exercise, in this case, is the best choice for you. Make it a habit to take exercise at least once in a day. If you already feel the pain in the back muscle then it is better to see a physiotherapist first and if he prescribes you exercise then go for the following option after bringing them into his notice.
  • Back-Lying Exercises is a good option if you want to strengthen your muscle. Along with back lying, Front-Lying Exercises and Quadruped-Kneeling Exercises are also the best choice of exercise to do in order to toughen the back muscle
  • Swimming yet another thing that can help you out in strengthening the muscles, it also improves the function of heart and capacity of lungs. (Swim at least 3 days in a week and for 20 to 25 minutes)
  • As stated earlier, make a routine for walking. Keep intervals for to 3 minutes for some rest during the walk
  • Other back strengthening exercises  are the hip bridges, swimming on the floor, the bird dog exercise and lastly bird dog exercise. (You can easily find all the video tutorials of the stated exercise over the internet).

Stretch your lower back

  • Stretching the lower back is helpful in reducing pain, improve muscle durability and it also enhance the flexibility.
  • Considering harm string, cow/cat stretch are good for stretching.
  • Lastly, doing child pose is another way to stretch the lower back

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