Planning Workouts according to the Body Shape

Every one of us is different from other in many ways including shape of our bodies. And if our body shapes are different than we should do exercises according to our body shape because this might help in better managing the body. It is more often seen that people completely ignore the fact that by blindly following exercise done by anonymous person can actually harm your body because you have some different dimension. Ignoring it can lead to no benefits being achieved from exercise. Here are some of the exercises that you can pursue according to the specific shape of your body.

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Spoon Shaped Body

It is one of the shapes of body which is categorizing by slim arms and abs with full bodied bottom. Moreover such body shape has wider hips and thighs but with narrower shoulder and smaller bust. For people having such shape of body is advised to carry out the following exercises if they want to effectively make use of the workout that they are doing.

  • Exercises such as jumping or jumping rope are ideal for these people with such broad hips and thigh. These workouts certainly make your heart pumping better.
  • Pushups been done in the sets of 10 can help shaping your body in a better way
  • Brisk walking is also good for people with such body shape
  • These people are advised to play soccer and do skating to keep their thighs and hips rock solid and that too without adding fat on them.

Apple Body

This sort of body shape is completely opposite to the spoon shaped body discussed earlier. This apple or cone shaped body has slender legs and broader shoulder to make it opposite of spoon shaped body. Workouts perfect for such body shape includes:

  • Make your lower half stronger by doing spinning for 30 minutes
  • Use light weight to do many reps to make your arms, shoulder and back more ripped.
  • Rope jumping, stationary biking and slow walking on inclining can help such people to keep themselves in better shape
  • Such people are advised to play tennis or golf to keep themselves fit and healthy

 Athletic Body

These are sometimes called as the ruler shaped body meaning that the body is evenly proportioned except for bit of belly popping out.

  • Make your frame leaner and look slim with long distance running for 30 minutes
  • Sit-ups of four equal sets of 20 can strengthen abs substantially
  • Workouts such as jumping rope can also be beneficial for people with such body shape
  • Keep your whole body engaged with basketball and volleyball

Swimming and roller blading can also help in the purpose of women achieving leaner body