Magical Super Food to make You Look Slim

Now The Best Formula To Lose Weight Is To Eat As More As Possible. Yes this is the ultimate formula. By eating more of food that help you burn your calories in you and make you slimmer are the food that you should eat in your daily routine. Making it a part of your daily routine would help you to lose two pounds every week and hence in few weeks’ time you can recapture your beauty as you always wanted. Below is the list of some of the super foods that are rich in nutrients but help to burn calorie and curb starving.


Sardines are rich in omega 3 that is highly desirable for body and keep heart strong. Protein and good fat is present in this along with calcium that is necessary for pregnant women. If you don’t like its taste try soaking it in milk for an hour before using it. By doing so, fish smell will disappear.

Use sardine in stuffing and other recipe so that you can consume it frequently to lose weight and remain fit.


Apple is highly effective in keeping weight at lower ends as it helps in curbing starving so when you are hungry eat this fruit so that you don’t eat much later. Apple is best to be used before eating snacks as then less calorie would take in by the body. As it is said that apple a day keeps a doctor away, it’s totally correct because apple contains some of the best nutrients needed by the human body.


It is one of the most effective agents of reducing the belly fats. It has the unique distinguishing capacity of flattening the belly of people. It has the capacity of controlling insulin production that is involved in making fats especially in abdominal area. Among all types of lentils, red and yellow lentils are the easiest to cook and get ready in 15 minutes. It is best suited to be used with pasta sauce.


We all are aware of importance of eating eggs as these are rich in protein. Along with it is also good for making heart stronger but apart from it has also the power of making you slim and smart. It is one of the essentials of breakfast and people enjoy eating it in the morning.


Family of berries is famous for keeping your body fit by producing an antioxidant. Darker the color of berries you are eating, more level of antioxidant is present in it.


A cut of beef is also said to be one of the most used dish of diet conscious people. Steak is good at reducing fats.

By using this food you can fulfilled you dream to look younger and slim to make you attractive as you were in the past.

Image Source: pinterest