Natural Ways to Cure Acne and Acne Scars

Having acne and acne scars on face can make life worse for you as you feel insecure about yourself. When a person looks good, he certainly gains confidence from it and id adds to his or her personality. These scars and acne itself need to be treated on urgent basis because it fades the charm of your face and hinders the wearing of smooth makeup. But the difficulty is how the acne should be treated because medicines that are prescribed by doctors have been reported to be ineffective to perform the task of treating acne. Moreover medicines are also blamed to contain some elements that have made skin even more vulnerable and have hence resulted in making things even more badly. In such situation it becomes important that acne and acne scars should be treated in a way that the treatment has no side effects and also it is highly effective. The natural home-made medicines are best in this regard as they perform effectively and have no side effects. For these medicines to perform up to the required level, it is important that you are able to categorize the acne scars into these categories.

Discolored Mark

When pimple has disappeared but has left a scar, usually of rose or brown color than this scar need to be removed. Though it takes a long time for this scar to permanently vanish but one of the best ways of treating it naturally is through applying Aloe Vera on to the mark. Take pulp of Aloe Vera and apply on the mark for thirty minutes before you wash it with warm water.

Another effective solution to acne and acne scars is the sodium bicarbonate which should be applied on the wet face for few seconds and then washed with warm water. Another way of treating scar is through applying lemon on to the mark as lemon contains citrus which lightens the mark. Apply it at night so that you don’t damage your skin further by exposing it to sun when citrus is applied on to it.


Also known as indents, these can result from pimples containing puss. Healing of pimple can result in pits which need to be treated. You should not try to pop the pimple as this leaves mark on the skin. Apart from it make mixture of honey and egg yolk to make skin softer and regenerate it. Another solution is to apply the rose hip oil on to the acne and acne scars every night before going to sleep.  Lastly the abundance of vitamin E in the body heals the pits and discolored marks effectively, so consume food rich in vitamin E.