Smooth Makeup Primer Tips

Primers are just like moisturizers that should apply on your face before adding other makeup stuff on face. They smooth your skin, moisturized it, flatter and give a hold to your other makeup things in its place. They give a better and finer look to your makeup and prevent everything from merging into each other. Primer also helps to minimize the wrinkles, dark spots and pores present on your skin surface. There are some tips and tricks of smooth makeup primers that can become beneficial for your makeup steps.

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Try Tinted Formula of Primers:

If you are having a dull and light skin tone, use tinted primers. They were light and can glow your skin tone with better effects. In these tied formula. Light green formulas can neutralizes your skin redness and lilac shades (Revlon shades) can brighten up your skin to a fairer and finer look.

Use less Quantity of Primers:

Use little quantity of primer on your skin. Don’t cover your whole face with it, otherwise your other makeup and mainly foundation will mixes with it which would look bad on your face. Take just a little i.e. raisin sized, and spread it gently by your fingers on your skin.

Skip Acne Products:

Go on easy with anti acne products, Use primers which already contains anti acne ingredients. This will help to prevent your skin from inflammation and irritation.

Apply Primer on Lips:

Use primer to your lips that will help your lipstick not to setting into lines and gives you a gorgeous lipstick style. If you don’t have lip primer you can also apply primer you used on your face skin.

Eye Lashes Primers:

Yes there are also these types of primers available to condition your eye lashes. Use eye lashes primer before applying mascara will prevent your mascara from a messy look. Just coat first eye lashes primer and then coat two times your mascara.

Apply primer around your eyes:

Pat the primer gently around your eyes and on the eye lids. This will help in preventing your makeup from mixing or creasing by absorbing skin oil.

Finish it With Face Powder:

After applying primer finish your makeup with face powder, which is the good idea to stop your every applied thing to settle down in its place otherwise the water in your makeup and presence of silicone in most primers attract each other and your whole makeup will destroy in few minutes. Use primer first, and then apply liquid foundation and lastly translucent powder to cover it all.