Enjoy The New Best iOS Notification Widgets

Have You Ever Wished To Get the Same Notification Widgets On Your iPhone As Android Users Have? Isn’t sound good when we come to know something more exciting about a thing we like the most? Then you must be the one who is going to be shouting and saying “FINALLY”. Yes, finally, it is here right in your iPhone.

You may be an ex-Android user or may have seen your friends using different notification widgets on their android phone that unfortunately you iOS didn’t support. And I am sure you are among the one you ever wanted to have this type of flexibility over you long device. As very year, we see innovative and incredible products by apple but it been a time from when iPhone users wanted to some extra features on their devices. So now it is the time to r



Of course, Evernote notification widget is here now, the smart app that is specially designed to for taking quick action.  As this app has the button for rapid actions like launching camera,  an image note, making list, setting reminder or starting new text, all option are there right  in front of you just to provide you an ease to access your desired place. Moreover, you can also open all of your recent view notes directly in the Evernote.

Download Evernote

Quick Tap:

Quick Tap

Let’s have another way of quick access to the music, contacts and other apps on the today’s screen over your mobile phone. What you have to do is simply drag the today screen you will see a notification widget by the name of quick tap and under that head you will find different options for message, play music, email, skype, facebook and much more. This application also allows you to customise the apps you want to see under the quick tap head so that you can find your desired apps.

Download Quick-Tap

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

If you have got bored from that old weather forecast summary then forget about is from now. Now iPhone has added a visual image along with the summary to give you weather details. With an exciting picture, this notification widget gives you today’s forecast and the forecast of the next days.

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Task Manger

Task Manger

So finally task manager is added to your iPhone, so now you can have your to-do-list in the form of widget as all of these apps are going to prove overwhelming like Wunderlist, Study Cal, Calendars 5, Finish, Gneo, OmniFocus 2 and Clear. Install the one of these apps and get your work to do list in widget form.

Download Wunderlist

Widgets for Travelling

Widgets for Travelling

iTranstlate- A handy widget for travellers. If you have something in another language in your iPhone clipboard, then this app is going to translate all the stuff for you in your language.

Duolingo This app is now providing you a perfect widget that is not only simple but cute as well. This widget allows you add you daily progress and goals in it and also provides useful information

AFAR Travel GuideWhile traveling you always need a guide for traveling. You have all the cool stuff in these widgets including the things you can explore nearby along with separate info about whether the place is for drinking or eating or what else etc.

Hotel TonightIf you are looking for a hotel to stay in nearby this app will provide you detailed information on the hotels close to you along with their deals.

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