Step By Step Guideline for Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

Do You Have A Parched Skin? Has Your Skin Become Problematic for applying makeup? If yes, then from now no worries because this article has bring a step by step simple and easy guideline given by a professional makeup artist, that are helping a lot of women from flaking and cracking right after applying makeup.

If we categorise the skin, we will come to know about the 3 main types of the skin including; oily skin, dry skin and a normal skin. But the hardest task is to apply the makeup over a dry skin in a way that can keep our makeup fresh for the whole day. Let’s dive in;

Step 1- Preparation

  1. So if your skin is prone to flaking then you must need to start with cleansing in order to get rid of the dead cells on your skin and for that reason you need to have an exfoliating cleanser for your skin.
  2. You may also go for ice massage over your face just by pressing the cubes of ice on it
  3. In order to provide the necessary hydration to your skin, it is better to replace your regular moisturiser with a serum or a suitable dry skin moisturiser.
  4. Now wait for 5 minutes and Let you skin dry.
  5. After that all around neck and face apply a primer, it will help you to keep your skin smooth and moisturised for a long time.

Step 2- Makeup

  1. For a dry skin, it is suggested by a large number of makeup experts to use an oily and liquid foundation over the face. Alternatively, you can use a beauty balm for this case that almost gives the same results. A beauty balm also has the hydrating materials and necessary vitamins.
  2. Try not to apply anything that may cause irritation or inching
  3. Apply a lightweight foundation (choose according your skin tone after consulting your beautician) with a foundation brush.
  4. Use a liquid stain or a cream blush on in order to avoid flaking
  5. A use of a pressed powder (mineral based) is a good choice while applying makeup
  6. For eye makeup, costume colours are a better choice but eye makeup depend upon the function for which you are wearing the makeup
  7. Don’t forget your lips as dry skin lips hardly hold the lipstick instead use gloss and a sheer lipstick to make your lips feel juicy.

This is all about the makeup, and if you follow the foremost steps then afterward you will never curse your dry skin for not wearing makeup, but there are some additional tips that will help you to keep your skin normal;

  • Use honey and sugar paste for your lips to protect them from dryness (at least once in a week)
  • Never your powder foundation
  • Take great care of your diet
  • Intake more water and juices