Simple and Easy Tips to Grow Eye Lashes Naturally

If You Want to Enhance the Beauty of Your Eyes Then You Must Think of Growing Eye Lashes as they are The Real Crest of the Eyes. So, have you ever wondered how to grow this beauty? If yes, then you are at right place here because here are some amazing tips to Recapture Your Beauty:

Castor oil works wonder in helping to grow lashes drastically, it is being used by a lot of the people from hundreds of year for growing hairs, eyebrows hair and for eyes lashes as well. It has all the essential properties which aids in promising the growth of the hairs including anti-inflammatory and antibacterial arrangements.

How to Apply It:

What you do is after making it sure that your eye area is washed and there is no sign of makeup or any other product, then with a cotton wad or a washed finger smoothly apply oil from the roots of eyelashes to the top.

Applying Massage

Massage yet another method that helps a lot in making eyelashes grow since it doesn’t only increase the blood circulation of eyes but also make your lashes sparkly which add more beauty in it. Moreover, massage also helps in growing the hair if it is applied to a scalp.

How to Apply It:

To apply massage on gently use your finger all along your eyelash on the daily basis.

Combination of Lavender Essential oil and Coconut oil

Both the Lavender Essential oil and Coconut oil gives the proven results in growing the eye, where at one place Lavender Essential protects from destructive free radicals on the other side a rich nutrient antibacterial coconut oil shooting the hair.

How to Apply It:

Mix 1tps coconut oil with 2-3drops of Lavender Essential oil and then apply the mixture with your finger apply gently alongside your eyelashes and their roots.

Using Vaseline

Applying Vaseline on all around your eyelashes will uphold your eyelashes growth. It also saves eyes from getting darker because of using other materials for growth. Apart from growth using Vaseline method is also economical and easy to adopt.

How to Apply It:

Before going to the bed, a little swipe of Vaseline with the cotton swab or by using an old mascara brush will be greatly helpful in growing the lashes.

Using Lip Balm

Lip Balm or Chap Stick is also being used widely by the people in growing their lashes. By using a flavoured lip balm you can get good results, but remember one thing make it sure that you are using a menthol free balm.

How to Apply:

Open your chap stick, apply it from the roots of your eyes to the tips of them, and also apply your lip balm to the skin. Apply it daily before going to bed.

Well, these easy tips are definitely going you to help in making your eyelashes grow and are best for enhancing beauty of the eyes.

Image Source: pipistrula