8 Red Flags in Your Relationship That Can Tell Your Boyfriend Is Toxic and Manipulative

Being in love with someone has its pros and cons; you find a person who takes care of you or you fall for a boy who is toxic and manipulative. Intimacy between partners hide all the red flags hence blinding you from the things that you need to see.

The longer you allow to stay a victim, it’s unfortunate that it will be more difficult for you to get out of the situation that you’re in. The deeper you get into things the more you expose your vulnerabilities to your partner who would take advantage of your weaknesses and would be playing against you whenever he can get a chance.

You don’t want to be the victim in a toxic relationship and you want to protect yourself at all costs. You should make sure that you are not blinding yourself of all the red flags that are going to mention below to save yourself from abuse and manipulative tricks.

A toxic relationship can leave longer-lasting effects and wreak emotional havoc in the life of a victim, so don’t allow yourself to stay a victim for too long. You may not spot master manipulator easily because they are good at hiding their true intentions with kind gestures and charming personalities but a boy who is toxic and manipulative can be exposed if you keep an eye on the following signs. Make yourself aware of these signs for your own sake:

1. He chickens out of the situation making it seems your fault always.

He makes you dwell in the guilt by trying to pin the blame on you.

2. He wants to take control of every plan that you try to make.

All the plans that you have in mind, he makes sure that he is included in all of them and you wouldn’t try to complete them without his consent.

3. He makes you believe that all the problems only exist in your head.

He keeps himself safe from all the accusations by trying to convince you that you’re only imaging things or you’re just being crazy, the problems don’t exist in real.

4. He makes himself appear the victim in the relationship.

It’s his another manipulative trick to avoid all of his faults and play the victim so that you take pity on him.

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5. He hold grudges when you screw up.

He makes sure to never let go of any small mistake that you commit so you always feel guilty.

6. He is going to make you feel that you’re not good enough for him.

This is his way to demand more from you and to make you dwell in the guilt that you’re not good enough for him.

7. He controls your time and space.

He makes sure that he has control over your time and the choice to spend that time.

8. He doesn’t give you any sense of security being in a relationship with him.

He doesn’t stay consistent enough to make you feel secure or that you can rely on him.

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