Just because something is awkward in a relationship doesn’t really imply that it’s a terrible thing. You need to understand that relationships are not always smooth, there will be ups, and downs and you have to face them with your head up together with your partner. And all signs that make you uneasy doesn’t mean that something is wrong sometimes this shows that you’ve met a decent guy.

We have these 9 signs for you that shows you are with a right guy

1. You questions his intentions

Maybe you have been in many relationship and they failed so now you think all boys are same, so, you question his intentions even though you don’t really need to. But this time it’s different and this person will never cheat or lie to you.

2. He proves you wrong always

You have been cheated on previously. You suffered a lot of pain. So, this time you prepare yourself for the worst. You expect that this man will also hurt you and you wait for that pain. But he proves you wrong, that pain never comes, and he can never ever think to hurt you.

3. You don’t believe his promises, but he always fulfills them

You know how it feels when someone break their promises. You have faced that time, you were heartbroken and now you have made yourself strong enough and you think promises in this relationship are also fake, but he again proves you wrong. He is the man of his word.

4. You are ready to play the game, but you are not a game to him

You know this game of ignoring and waiting very well. And you are prepared to play it, you are just waiting for him to play the first move and then it’s on. But he is not that guy, you are not a game for him. He is serious about you.

5. He knows how bad your past relationship messed you up, and he doesn’t repeat it

He makes you realize how wrong you were treated in the past. He makes you realize that you were never in a right. You are forced to think why were you even tolerating all that pain when you could have all this love.

6. He apologizes, even you didn’t expect him to apologize

Man, usually don’t apologize, even if he knows that he is wrong. He will never say sorry. And you are not even used to it. But he is different, he admits his mistake and say sorry because for him this relationship is more important than sorry.

7. You are guarded, he’s patient

He doesn’t force you to do things which you don’t want to do. He won’t get furious if you want some space he will give you enough time to adjust. He practices maximum patient, and this is something new for you.

8. He will fix every fight before going to bed

In previous relationships, you sleep with unresolved fights and tears in your eyes. Hoping that the pain will wash away the next morning, but this time he will make sure that you don’t go to bed crying. He will find a solution to every argument.

9. You understand what it means to have a right person beside you.

You never used to be so involved with a man previously. You were just randomly attached to your previous partners. But this time you know that it’s real.

Preview Picture: pixabay