You’re Destroying Your Relationship and You Will Get Nothing in the End

Some of us take many things for granted hence in doing so you are destroying every relationship that you have and which will never mend again. Some of us don’t even realize that true love is rare and granted to the lucky ones however, we let that slip away, too.

The irony is that love comes to people in the form of a true relationship but they let it slip away before realizing that their life would be of no worth in the end.

Love is the one strong component that makes everything breathable and worthy to live for. It is the main attraction and without it there is no life in whatever you do. At some point of life, we chase love and try to make the most of it but couldn’t carry it the way it has to be carried, with care and attention.

How do people end up destroying their relationship without even realizing it?

The reality is, the sand starts to slip away from your hand when you think you have closed your fist firmly. You feel complacent and start to think that it is not possible for you to lose it however what the circumstances would be. But it happens because you become insensitive and overly complacent to your relationship.

Your overconfidence blinds you and you overlook the feelings of your partner. You tend to engrossed in yourself only that the self-complacency makes you stopped caring about the only person worthy of love in your life.

The changes were there when they started to occur but you were too busy noticing your own self that you never managed to catch on.

A relationship strives to develop on two people and their lives are connected with it. But when one person stops caring about the other person then it begins to weaken.

How many times have you noticed the changes in your partner’s personality? How many times have you tried to comprehend the position of your other half? How many times have you observed the diminishing enthusiasm of your beloved? You have brought this destruction because you have failed to realize that you are destroying your relationship.

Still, if you don’t get it then let’s count things that you have messed up:

  • you didn’t reply to the text messages;
  • you never got back on phone calls,
  • you cancelled every date that was planned time and again,

instead of attending to all the matters you rather stayed with your buddies and ignored the most important person in your life.

Your relationship needed your appreciation and a few words of gratitude whenever your partner did anything for you, you’ve skipped all that. A little gesture of love and kindness every now and then would have stopped this turmoil that you are facing now.

Partners blossom under the shade of love in a relationship and you’ve stopped to give it your love. Earlier, you made your partner your entire world later on you barely even looked at your partner and express your feelings. No wonder, your relationship is at the cusp of destruction.

Now, your partner has learned living without you in it because that’s what you have taught over the course of painful period. You are now realizing it when it’s too late to mend damages that your relationship has already received. Your selfishness drove you to a destination where you are alone in your journey.