8 Ways Your Woman Tell You That She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Have you noticed she has been acting stingy and doesn’t care about anything?

Relationship, the term is simple yet complex. Your woman doesn’t love you anymore and it has been showing in her actions that she is not making efforts to accept imperfections of your relationship.

The very true essence of a relationship is acknowledging the presence of each other and managing all the imperfections wisely without breaking the bond of love.

Perfection is divine and humans are fallible.

A long term relationship sustains many variables; commitment, hard work, time, effort, sometimes they all fall in place and other times not. You need to figure out why she is falling out of relationship? You need to spot problems and try to mend the broken pieces because only this way you both can have a better life in the long run.

Lately, you are feeling that she doesn’t love you anymore, are the following reasons you see happening?

1. She seems not caring anymore

She doesn’t show her care and affection for you the way she did before. You feel she is less interested in life but actually she has lost interest in you. It feels her life has come to a stagnant point and you don’t know what to do about it.

2. She doesn’t express her likeness to you or to things

She used to express her emotions and flatter you with her comments earlier but now it all started to fade away. You two must have attracted physically and started your relationship but she has no more physical attraction towards you.

3. She is making no efforts to make your relationship work

Your relationship has started withering and dying but she doesn’t care making things work out again. Whether it’s the fight you two have all the time or any lingering arguments, she shows no patience to resolve the matter on hand.

4. She rarely speaks to you

Partners can resolve issues through communication but she has shut it completely which is making your relationship suffocated and with no spark left.

5. She doesn’t care about your feelings and acts on her own accord

Love seems to be non-existent now as your feelings or emotions are irrelevant to her. It feels she doesn’t love you anymore because her actions are hurting you and she doesn’t realize the fact.

6. Her gestures show no gratification as she doesn’t love you anymore

She used to shower praises and gratitude whenever you brought her gifts or flowers. Your date plans made her giddy and excited and she used to welcome you at the door with a huge smile but all has lost now in the phase of indifference.

7. Do you always start conversation and she shows unwillingness?

If you always initiate conversation and she responds to that with unwillingness to share her thoughts or opinion then that means she is no longer in love with you. There is still hope only when she loves you or if she would turn to you about things that interest her.

8. She doesn’t care to make your day special

She has always been trying to make you feel special with sweet and romantic things but she is not the same sort now. She is not interested in doing things that signify there is a spark in the relationship.