6 Phrases Your Should Avoid Saying To You Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is a blessing. It brings joy in your love but for a mother it also brings severe pains and a lot changes. Being a husband, you can’t ever understand what it takes to bring a life in this world. So, during this time your pregnant wife needs you a lot more then ever. She has a lot of hormonal changes that she can’t control and can’t even explain. She does this not only for her child but also for you. She need to be pampered and cared all the time.  So just have some patience and here are some phrases that you should avoid saying to her.

6. Just calm down


During this time woman suffer a lot of stress, so if your wife is going through such situation then instead of asking her to calm down ask her about her feelings and how can you help her. Never argue or fight with her, handle the situation maturely.

5. Are you crying again?


Pregnancy brings a lot of hormonal changes, and crying without any reason or feeling sad time to time is some of them. She doesn’t do that intentionally, it’s something natural and she can’t control it. So, when she is crying never ask is she crying again or the reason of it. Just be there with and show her your love.

4. You are eating too much


During pregnancy hunger is not in her control, after all there is one more life developing in her. She needs more food, for her and also baby. So do tell her that she is eating too much, instead help her to satisfy her cravings and help her to cook her favorite food.

3. I understand how you feel


As a husband and a man, you can’t ever understand what your pregnant wife feels. Yu don’t know how it feels to take pains, you can’t understand that insane cravings or hunger cramps. It’s just impossible for you so avoid saying that you can understand you she feels. It looks like a formality, instead of saying this just be her, support and love her.

2. House is not clean anymore


During pregnancy women might not be able to take care of house or their husbands the way they used to. So much is going on that it’s not easy for them to make everything perfect. Avoid saying this to them that house is getting dirtier, instead of complaining stand up and do it yourself, help her a little after she is carrying your baby.

1. The pregnancy is hard for me also


For sure you are doing a lot for your wife and your up coming child. That it’s not easy for you but don’t tell this to your wife. Still she is doing much big than you. Just have a little patience and stay calm. Everything will end soon and you will get the biggest gift of your life.