13 Ways to Keep Your Romance Alive with Your Sweetheart

Most often love or romance starts to fade away after marriage because you get so busy with millions of responsibilities. But remember that, candle light date night, those peaceful long drives with your partner. It all might seem a dream now, but a while ago, it was a beautiful reality.  So why not keep this romance alive forever with your sweetheart. Scroll down to see 13 ways that might help you to keep your romance alive.

1. Spend some alone time with your partner

Be it 15 minutes or 5 minutes, but spend some quality time with each other. It’s so important. Forget everything else and focus on each other.

2. Maintain physical connection

Hold hands, or hug a little longer just to stay connected. Physical connection makes you feel you belong to each other.

3. Make intimacy a normal thing

Intimacy is imperative in marriage, so make it a need. It will bring you nearer as a couple and will strengthen your bond.

4. Flirting is good

Flirting is always fun. It can sound a little weird after marriage, but teasing and flirting with each other won’t make your relationship boring.

5. Priority = Your partner

Your partner should always be first. They should be above everything. So, make them your priority.

6. Give compliments to each other

True compliments can do wonders. Tell your partners that you adore them and how grateful you are for their efforts. This can boost their confidence, making them love you more.

7. Effective communication

It’s a busy world so keep an effective communication between you and your spouse. Don’t forget to talk to each other or else there can be a major communication gap.

8. Set a regular date night

Relive your date nights because date nights are the best, so, make it a need! Put aside one day where you can have the entire night to yourselves and not discuss anything except your love for each other. Abandon your distressing life.

9. Pray for each other

Nothing unites two individuals like praying to God for each other. It simply makes your relationship more beautiful.

10. Don’t expect

Every marriage is different, you can’t expect your marriage to be same as your friends or parents. So, go with the flow, just expect that you need are being fulfilled other than that don’t expect anything.

11. Learn to apologize and forgive

Don’t be egoistic. To have a successful marriage learn to say sorry and forgive.

12. Eat together at least once a day

This will give you an opportunity to discuss your day, loosen up and invest quality time with each other and your family.

13. Say “I love you” as often as you can

This one is quite clear as crystal. You’ll never become weary of saying “I love you,” and your sweetheart will never become weary of hearing it