Your Partner Is an Emotionally Abusive Man If He Does These 9 Things

You are lucky that you don’t fall a victim of an emotional abuse in a relationship because this toxicity breaks you not just emotionally, physically, but in a social and psychological way, too.

Even the most loving relationships can be affected when abuse and mistreatments manifest unnoticed.

Love makes you blind of all the shortcomings and unjust conduct by your partner but being a human you need to give yourself respect that you rightfully deserve.

After being in love, you become vulnerable and at that time you are the subject of a potential abuser to play with you in whatever way he would want to.

This non-blatant behavior flies under the radar and the victim doesn’t realize the subtle toxicity that becomes stronger every single day.

The impact of this abuse is not always physical but the scars may have engraved in your soul, keeping you from living a life with your sanctity intact.

Instead of risking your life, beware of the signs that can protect you from becoming the next victim in the hands of an emotionally abusive man. Look out for your well-being and look out for the following red flags in your relationship:

1. He takes control of your financial affairs.

You may be earning significantly more than him but he wants to take control of all of your financial matters to take away your ownership over your finances.

2. He puts pressure on you for doing things that make him satisfied.

Your emotional well-being is not his priority but satisfaction of his own personal desires and needs.

3. He takes away your every chance to feel a sense of companionship.

He wants to break you so that you would never rise in front of him and for this at stake he will try to isolate you from other people as much as possible.

4. He makes you responsible for every bad that could ever happen in the relationship.

He will try to belittle you in every way possible that one day you will yourself believe that you have all the faults and imperfections that he has ever claimed.

5. He follows you everywhere like a tail to keep a note of your whereabouts.

Your partner doesn’t trust you because he is an insecure man and his insecurity will stay same no matter how many times you will try to convince him of your commitment to him.

6. He will use every chance to maneuver your individuality.

Nothing else matters to him than his own peace of mind therefore, he will change every aspect of your personality the way it suits him.

7. He is indifferent of your opinion.

It doesn’t really matter to him if something is bothering you or you have a disagreement to anything. If something makes him happy then he doesn’t care of your opinion.

8. He has no respect towards your feelings.

His hurtful comments and hurling insults at you can only mean that he only knows how to demean you.

9. He is not interested in arguments with you.

He tries to stop you into getting an argument because he isn’t interested in giving you any sense of closure.