How will you get to know that the person you are in love with deserves you or your love?

It’s better to understand your partner now instead of realizing the fact after 15 years of life spent with him in agony that your partner doesn’t deserve your love and time. In earlier years of a relationship, partners let go of many things that bother them from one another. But later on, those aspects become excess baggage that you have been carrying throughout without even knowing about the damage it caused to you and over your life.

People start to lose love quotient after spending time together that was the base of their passionate relationship. They feel lack of appreciation of their efforts which they expect from their partner. When the love doesn’t reciprocate and the other person is oblivious of the fact that he must embrace your love, cracks start to appear in the relationship.

Take charge of your life and don’t let your partner control you or your emotions in the long run.

1. They will cheat or lie all the time

Love demands honesty. If you are aware that your partner doesn’t share the genuineness of his character and tries to manipulate you in every situation then that person doesn’t deserve you or your time.

2. They are only takers and not givers

If not more than you at least same as your love and effort is required from your partner for mutual giving and taking bond. You will regret your decision afterwards of bestowing everything on your partner and to the relationship for the sake of receiving something, a small portion, from him. He doesn’t deserve you because he has abandoned you from your resources, your own desires, emotions and needs. At the end, living with such person, will give you no gain.

3. They will not hesitate to belittle you

To understand your partner, you need to see how he behaves in times when he is emotionally unstable. Does he belittle you with sullen comments or don’t lose his balance? If it’s the former condition then he will never bother to speak impolite things in public to you and will tear you and your personality into parts.

4. Your partner doesn’t deserve your love and time if you can’t count on him

In your emotional down, you need someone to stand by your side and hold you together. But you will never get the same treatment from the person who feeds on his own massive ego. They are so wrapped in it that even the special moments of life can’t pull them back from their own narcissistic world. Whether it is your anniversary or your children’s birthday, such a person will miss all the special activities. Your partner should be a person whom you can rely upon and put trust on when you need him the most.

5. They play individually

Does your partner play the sole role of making decisions in your life without even taking your opinion? He is a self-oriented person who enjoys playing individually with all the power in his own hands. As discussed earlier, they feed on their own ego and it is so fragile that they will never want someone else to win over; even if that person is you.

In order to stay happy and content in a relationship, choose a person who considers you equal.