Breakups are difficult and it’s hard to leave a person you’re in love with if you don’t have an appropriate reason for doing so. Before you make a decision that you want to stick with, you should ensure that you’re doing so for the right reasons.

There would be numerous circumstances that make sense, for your relationship to stop right there and decide whether you can take it further or not. Differences of opinion and recurrent conflicts are the major ones for the start. You two don’t share same life goals for the future or one of you acted unfaithful to the other, can be the other reasons. With all the issues on hand, either you seek solution or your problems seem to be unresolved and lead to breakup. Don’t try to beat the dead horse when there is no hope, you both need to get over it efficiently.

When it’s time to end, you will get to see things clearly, but you also have to be careful. There is a difference between things that are difficult to take further and things that are unresolved from the start of the relationship. Building and living into a relationship would always be difficult, challenges will throw you into tumultuous storm many times but you will always see a silver lining in it. However, a relationship stands on the edge of breakup when you can’t seem to find a single thing on which you two would agree upon. You need to take decision carefully and with clear mind. Don’t give control of your life in anyone’s hand when you can discern what is right and wrong for you.

Communication sets the foundation for your relationship. You can greatly benefit from strong communication when it comes to nurturing connections and bonds. However, you feel that you and your partner are unable to communicate with one another on any level. Failure to build healthy communication level means that you two are incompatible and it would be better to just call it quits.

1. Do you both agree on the direction of your relationship?

When you two are comfortable with each other in a relationship then it won’t bother to discuss the intensity of your love for one another and where you are willing to let your love lead you. This will decide the direction of your relationship and will give you a clear shot to understand whether you are a real deal or a temporary fling.

2. Do you agree on each other’s individual goals for the future?

Within this relationship, you live your individual life too. You both have dreams and goals for the future. Do you feel comfortable to discuss your individual life? It is important to talk about and agree with each other’s plans for the future without having to compromise too much of each other’s dreams.

3. Do you both agree on getting married?

It’s imperative to understand the status of your relationship before you get really deep. What does your partner think about getting married? Your difference of views on this topic would help to realize whether you should invest in your relationship or not.

4. Does your partner discuss family planning and kids?

The future of your relationship entirely depends on your partner’s view of having kids. Family planning is an important subject to talk about in the beginning and to be sure that you will not be forced to sacrifice on your motherly desires.

5. Does your partner handle finances responsibly?

Sound financial status gives stability to your relationship. If you decide to plan a family together then you two must handle your finances carefully, especially the male counterpart.

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