Most men are reluctant in expressing their feelings or telling what they want from their partner. This might be quite frustrating for the ladies during the dating period because they have to judge every time what their partner is thinking about them. It makes them feel whether the guy they are dating is actually interested or not.

But this is not the case. So, if you are a that frustrated woman then this article is totally for you. There are a lot of reasons because of which men don’t open. We have some thoughts that men might think when in a relationship.

1. He wants you to look your best

Obviously, you look good for him and physical appearance doesn’t matter that much, but still a man love when his woman dresses up for him and puts a little more effort to look beautiful for him. It makes him feel more special.

2. It was looks, not personality

When you both met for the first-time personality wasn’t the first thing that grabbed his attention. And you also know that, the case was same with you as well. He will never admit that he was drawn to your looks. But now he is completely in love with your personality.

3. He hates when you are drunk

At times you want to relax and fun with alcohol and you know your partner is there for you to take care, but he hates this the most. He hates having to deal with you when you are drunk. Because when you are high you are not easy to handle.

Too much makeup is big No

Yes, he wants you to dress up, but at times your efforts turned into a big mess with a lot makeup. And he hates it, but he will never tell you that.

5. He still gets attracted to other people

This doesn’t mean he not loyal to you. He is truly in love with you and never ever think to cheat on you. But he is still a human and a man, so he gets attracted to other people and he will not confess this ever because he knows you’ll get hurt.

6. Sometimes he wants to be with his friends

It’s not like he doesn’t love you and that he doesn’t want to spend time with you. But, there will be a couple of times wherein he will need some space from you. He will need to take a break from the relationship to simply hang with his friends.

7.His looks matters him a lot

He is just as self-conscious about his body as you are about your own. He also has insecurities about how he looks. But you are never going to know this.

8. He doesn’t want to reply to your every text

Despite the fact he tries to answer to each and every message that you send him as soon and as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances, it doesn’t mean he really appreciates it. Now and again, a man simply needs to be allowed to sit unbothered to do his own thing for some time.

9. Communication is not always the solution

You tend to believe that talking takes care of all issues in a relationship. But, he may not really think the same and he will never admit that. He may be somebody who thinks actions are more important than words.