Your Girl Does These 14 Things, She’s The Best

1. She believes in your capabilities and knows you’ll do great.

Her rank might be higher than yours in professional capacity but she would never make you think of inferior to her. She knows you are capable of doing brilliant things and a right moment will give you a big breakthrough in your career. She is supportive and helps to maximize your potential.

2. She shows her consent in achieving your goals and dreams.

You both have your own goals and dreams in life. It’s imperative that partners lead their relationship on mutual consent and support each other on every step. Being an equal part of a couple, she believes that her support in achieving your goals and dreams is extremely important for both of your future. In case, she has to compromise on her own aspirations, she will never hesitate to stand by your side.

3. She is not clingy but protective.

She keeps a check up on you every two hours but that doesn’t mean that she is clingy, it’s her way to express her care for you. It’s her expression of love in her own distinctive way.

4. She doesn’t listen only but also contributes attentively.

Relationships grow when both partners contribute equally. Communication is a vital source of giving importance to each other. Listening is a mere act and ineffective if you are not paying attention to your partner’s words. When you contribute in a discussion then your partner realize that you are actually attentive to them. A good communication in a couple evicts every chance of misunderstanding between them.

5. She’s a call away in times of need.

Beyond a romantic relationship, she manages to respond to your emotions at all times. You can rely on her because you know she is the only person who is going to stay by your side and will offer her shoulder to cry on, she is the best and ready to share her life with you.

6. She is brutally honest and leads a transparent life.

Truth is bitter to swallow but she believes in being truthful even if it costs big time. She places you on a higher place therefore she wants to live a transparent life with you.

7. She has only one condition for relationship, to stay truthful to her.

The way she’s keeping everything transparent, the same way she wants you to stay truthful to her. She also wants you to open up on those things which might be hurtful but she asks you to do because she believes that knowing every detail of your partner’s life can lead to a successful relationship.

8. She loves her social time too.

Her time doesn’t stick to your relationship only. She has an exclusive friend circle which is close to her heart and she tries to spare some time out of this relationship for them. You love her more when she plans her time out with friends and live some independent moments.

9. She is not a person to put constraint on your freedom.

She understands the need for space and freedom because she lives her too. There is not a single time when she has asked you to not do something that you want to do alone. She respects every need of your life.

10. She tells the world how proud she is having you in her life.

She loves you from the depth of heart and is committed to you. She never hesitates for once to proclaim to the world that she is in love with you and has chosen you as her life partner, no matter what the consequences will be.

11. She has great respect for people close to you.

Whether it’s your family, friends or your mentors, every single person connected with your life is respectful and she makes effort to know these people well.

12. She doesn’t have bad or good mood days.

Her moods are consistent and she knows it’s important to stay cool and calm most of the time. She is less drama and more fun to be with.

13. She stays natural.

She is unique. She is a real person to fall in love with and be proud of it. She likes to stay natural and believes that behaving in your own skin will nourish the bond.

14. She likes you the way you are, no changes required.

She takes you as a real person with your own distinctive qualities. She never demands for changes.

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