Your Future Wife To Be Does 10 Things That Makes Her Perfect

1.She encourages you on every front.

Two people who share life together in a relationship have equal place, neither inferior nor superior. Though, you have flaws in your personality so does she has but she would not consider those to pity you or treat you as someone who is beneath her. She takes you as a person who has great potential to achieve things that you are passionate about and is ready to do the struggle with you and help you maximize your potential.

2. She is your biggest supporter.

She could never forget you supporting her ambitions when everyone else has stopped her at the time. She would do the same and push you towards accomplishing your goals that you’ve planned for future. You will find her at every step, backing you up, but never for once would serve as a hurdle.

3. She cares about your health.

Your work life may put on you incessant strain and keeps you at bay from eating healthy at home. But you don’t have to worry about that because your future wife to be will check up on you when you want her the most. She won’t just express her care in words but prove in her actions too.

4. She gives her full attention to you.

You may surprise to hear when she quotes something you’ve said months back but she remembers that even now. This shows her attention to every word that you say to her. She is fully involved during conversation and gives her sincere response.

5. She is call away when you are distressed.

She knows her number is on speed dial on your phone and even when you call her in late hours, when you are distressed, she never hesitates to come by and help you in times of need.

6. She is downright honest.

A person who is your biggest critique is the person you should spend the rest of your life with. Because you will never live in a false impression that people make you believe when they please you with flattering talk. She tells you honestly when she doesn’t feel something is alright for you. She is the biggest advocate of truth and believes that a couple will live happy when they understand the need to stay truthful to each other.

7. She wants you to stay honest with her, even if it hurts her.

Trust is won over when you are honest with the person you love and want to spend your life together. She expects you to stay honest with her because she believes that with this way two people gain respect for each other.

8. She is considerate of her individual life as her relationship with you.

Before coming into this relationship, she has an individual and independent life. She never hides anything from you at the start of this relationship. She is proud that she is able to live her life as an independent woman without relying on anyone in her life and she still wants to tie up with her life outside of this relationship.

9. She never puts limitation on your freedom.

As much as she respects and wants her individual space, the same she thinks for you. You will never feel suffocated being with her and she will never hold you back from doing something.

10. She is proud that you are sharing your life with her and she tells this to the world.

She makes it important that you should come along whenever she has to go outside and meet. She wants all her friends and close ones to know that you are the only one she is serious about and she isn’t ashamed.

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