6 Signs You Put Yourself Last In Your Relationship Which Is Not Healthy

Struggling period, in profession or personal, is always hard when proving your position. Hence in this instance, you merely see the misery you are bringing upon yourself. You try to earn someone’s attention, a superior or your lover, and you forget that your own self also needs some of your time. You are not the least to be concerned of but you should be the first one deserving of happiness and content. You put yourself last in your relationship, you will remain unhappy.

Learn to acknowledge your efforts, accept your flaws, say what you want to say out and loud, let others feel whatever they want to when you are satisfied in your own skin. You would want your emotions to be valued but first you should give respect to your own emotions. You are the first priority amongst all the priorities in your life and relationships. You should learn to acknowledge what you feel otherwise people will always take your advantage and you would be helpless in their hands. If you are feeling neglected, it means that you have not prioritized yourself and you have not even let the others know that you are as important as they are in a relationship with you.

You will find out these signs in your life if you have been considering yourself last in your relationship.

1. Your partner forgets dates and appointments that are planned with you.

It has become habitual now that they forget dates and appointments to be with you. There are more important things in their life than you therefore they don’t value your time. You must have never made them realized that your time is equally important as theirs and they should consider talking to you before cancellation.

2. Your partner forgets special occasions in your life.

One time is ignored but they are forgetting it every time means that they don’t care about your special occasions anymore. It may be because you didn’t care much when it happened the first time. It’s you who has accepted their negligence. It would have been never if you had allowed them ever.

3. You are in a relationship but you still feel that you are single.

There is not a reason staying in a relationship when it still feels like you’re single. Being with your partner if you feel that you are alone and no one consider what you expect from your relationship then you are not a priority in your relationship for them.

4. Your partner is indifferent when you feel hurt.

You are disappointed in your relationship and in your partner because they are indifferent when you get hurt. They are being unresponsive because you have never told them that their certain actions make you feel hurt. They assume that you are okay with their behavior so they don’t care much of you.

5. Your partner and you don’t fight like couples do.

Fighting doesn’t mean that you are enemies of each other but disagreements are important to let the other person know that you have an opinion on things. You and your partner are not willing to hear one another and so your perspective is not important.

6. Your partner is only interested in keeping physical relations.

A relationship is a connection on physical and emotional terms. If there is no emotional connection between partners then both of them are using their relationship to fulfill their physical desires and this relationship will end soon. Your partner is only interested in keeping a physical relationship with you is an indication that your goals and dreams are the last priority.

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