You Leave Him When Your Man Says These 7 Things, He Is Not Worth Being with You

Terrible behavior, ridicule, reprimand, cannot build a healthy relationship but compassion, communication, and respect.

A lot of people underestimate the foundation values like, affection, kindness, trust, and emotional intimacy when a relationship comes under the red flags radar.

People don’t evaluate their behaviors with their partners on daily basis therefore, they fail to sustain a relationship for longer time.

Behavior that is downright based on derision and mockery could only impact in disaster for two people who claim to love to each other.

Your man’s dreadful conduct with you, based on scorn and hate comments, is worrisome and you leave him for your mental and physical health otherwise you’ll be stuck with a person who treats you like rubbish.

If you hear a lot of these statements from your man then beware because your relationship has already begun wilting and in less time you feel the need to get rid of him for your better life.

1. “Stop overreacting again.”

As long as your partner gives validation to your emotions you can expect peace of mind in every stressful situation. However, your partner not withstanding to your emotional breakdown and keeps thinking you as someone who might overreact to every situation can be detrimental for your relationship.

2. “You can prove your love, if you would…”

Emotional manipulation can only harness negative vibes around your life. Words that are sweetly wrapped asking the proof of your love is a form of disregard to your feelings and trust. This emotional contempt is selfish and not healthy to keep going forward with him.

3. “It was better with my ex than you.”

The instant you hear him doing all the comparisons with his ex it’s better you leave him. Because this means your partner is still thinking of his ex and whenever a chance will come then he won’t take another moment to leave you.

4. “Shut up and don’t disturb me.”

You are spending your life with a person who is not interested to whatever you might have to say. You cannot feel safe about expressing yourself when your partner always stops you from making the advances to a healthy communication.

5. “You always sound so stupid.”

You should be allowed to do stupid things in a relationship and your partner could have known it before starting this relationship with you. Don’t give him the right to make you feel bad when something goes south because in bad times partners keep each other’s back and support.

6. “Don’t act like your mother do.”

Insult to you can be handled once but an insult to your mother is totally unacceptable and nobody has the right to do it. He is a horrible person to stay in your life and your relationship is toxic.

7. “You are better at home where you belong.”

Encouragement has the power to give life to a wilted flower and to a person it’s a breathing force which you can only feel when you have a man who sticks by your side in thick and thin. Your partner shouldn’t be limiting your opportunities or ambitions because then he is not your faithful.