7 Signs You Don’t Want To Put Effort Into Your Relationship, You Want To Give Up

You should know all of your options before you get into a relationship. You find love and you started off with the most beautiful feeling in the world but you end up hurting yourself being tied up to the relationship. Even after the best intentions you have for your relationship, you still feel that things aren’t going to work the way they should be then you should take a chance and walk away to find someone better for you. Everyday, you confront to signs in your relationship that make you sure that you want to give up because you don’t want to put effort to save your relationship anymore.

It’s better to discover this earlier than it gets late and the sooner you are become honest with yourself the better your life will be for your own good. Though, you may have to go through the painful process of pulling yourself away from the person you’ve loved the most but you also need to know that you should live your life on your own terms and you should not waste your time and energy on something that is already been broken.

However, when life gives you hard blows you don’t turn yourself away from everything, you fight till you are sure that you can’t go any further. Challenges would be there in any relationship but you’ve to stay and fight till you get to the point where you realize that you’re fighting a lost cause. Reality will come at you cold and brutal but you need to accept the fact that you both are not meant to be together.

If you still find it hard to figure out whether your relationship is doomed or not then read through the following and look for the signs in your relationship. Two people will take up the load of a relationship together and if either of them is not ready to make it work then it’s advisable to not invest keeping your relationship afloat.

1. You keep rehashing old arguments and can’t seem to agree on a single point. Fighting on little or big matters is happening over and over again and you can’t handle conflict all too well.

2. You two can’t meet even half way and are not willing to make compromises for one another. This seems that you are not flexible enough to show compromising nature.

3. Future is different for both of you and neither of you can see a single thing on which you two can plan something together. You don’t seem to share same priorities when you should be to ensure that there is hope for your relationship.

4. A relationship when grows would also give the chance to people to turn into better versions. When you see the worst coming out of you then your relationship is not doing any good rather you should walk away.

5. Your relationship has turned toxic because you feel emotionally drained all the time. A relationship should be more than fulfilling when partners work together for the success of it.

6. A relationship doesn’t affect rest of the aspects of your life but when it does then your relationship is more toxic than giving you any happiness in it, you really need to end it.

7. Loyalty is paramount in any kind of relationship but it seems to be absent in your case. It’s better to break up all the ties when your partner is sneaking around your back, you need to move on.

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