Cheating and unfaithfulness affect the relationship very badly. If it has entered in your relationship and you have decided to give another chance to your relationship, then be careful because a lot of efforts are needed to rebuild your relationship.

11. Admit your mistake


If you’ll not accept your fault, then rebuilding your relationship would be impossible. Whenever and for whatever you are apologizing that hurt your partner, take responsibility of your actions. Don’t start the blame game if you really want to get back.

10. Why did you cheat


Figure out what made you cheat. Was it because you found someone else attractive? Well this is very rare reason. Reason could be feeling left out or feeling degraded in a relationship. Whatever it is figure it out and discuss with your partner so that it doesn’t happen again.

9. Finish your contact with another person


If you have decided to come back and rebuild your relationship, then stop seeing the other person. Finish all your contacts with them and focus on this relationship. Stay away from having romantic meeting with the other person, your priority should only be rebuilding this relationship.

8. Be honest with each other


After quite a while of ambiguous nature, relationship experts say that a champion among the most basic steps to repairing the relationship is in effect completely honest and open to your partner. In the event that your partner wants to know about your other affair, answer it to the best of your ability.

7. Don’t talk about betrayal


Once the betrayal is exposed and you both have decided to give each other another chance then after talking for once about your separation don’t ever bring this topic back in your life. What’s done is done, now move on and try to improve your relationship instead of staying past.

6. Share the responsibility


Again, whatever happened, take equal responsibility. There is never on person at a fault in a relationship. Both partners should accept their mistake and should not accuse each other for problems. Handle the situation with maturity.

5. Don’t think relationship is over


Once your partner finds that you’ve been involved with someone else, it might seem like the most immediate is to separate everything and run. In any case, relationship masters say leaving a hurt affiliation can be seen as running away from responsibilities and not accepting your own mistakes.

4. Give it some time


It can require a considerable measure of time for the betrayed partner to feel that he/she can trust you yet again. If the betrayed partner needs to talk about the disloyalty, allow him/her to share.

3. Consult therapist


An approved counsel can empower both of you to understand how to move past the situation by considering the factors that impelled one individual to be unfaithful. There are very few couples who will go for this situation, but there is nothing wrong in it. It can be the best solution.

2. Relationship rebuilding


There are few rules to follow when rebuilding your relationship. Give some space to your partner. Don’t force them to trust you all over again, if you cheated then you have to be patient. Allow them to answer your messages and call whenever they are comfortable. Just wait for them to trust you again.

1. A sorry letter

A note of apology will mean a lot to your partner. It will show that you are actually guilty and you won’t do it again.

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