Have You Wondered Why Man Are Not Attracted To You? Here Are Top 11 Reasons

A time comes in every girl’s life when she thinks that she will remain alone in her whole life. You don’t need to worry as many actresses also pass from this stage in their life. Here you will be able to find that what can help you to find your perfect match.

You Must Be Physically Attractive

I know this sound weird but it is also a dark side of the picture that men usually prefer girls who are physically attractive. Some guys would go out with those who are overweight but it will not last longer. They will develop an interest in you eventually. So, don’t be obese!

Let Him Enjoy Your Company

If you don’t have much to say about some matter, don’t know how to respond, don’t have any thoughts to share then you don’t need to be talkative. Let him talk about himself and enjoy your company. Don’t make him bore!

Don’t Be Clingy

Your relationship can end because you are clingy. This behavior can push your person away from you. So, don’t need to be clingy if you want him.

Don’t Be Nosy

You don’t need to involve in things that he doesn’t want to tell. Give him the time he will tell you everything at the end. Give him space!

You Have To Be Available For Him

Guys prefer those girls who listen to them when they want to listened. You should be available for him when he needs you or wants to share something. Be his girl!

Why Man Are Not Attracted To You

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Don’t Talk About Past Relationship

You may have a bad history about your past relationship. Don’t need to talk about that. Let bygone be bygone. As it can create problems in your relationship. You have to do your best that your past must not affect your present life

Show Interest In What They Are Saying

While speaking to him, do you show interest in what they are saying? You can show interest by your body language and by your facial expressions. Do not sit while crossing your arms and legs this shows “don’t speak to me”.

Don’t Check Your Phone A Lot

If you are with him give him the whole time. When he leaves you alone at the table for a minute don’t glue to your phone. As it shows now “You are busy and don’t want him”.

Travel In Approachable Crews

If you are with many people then it means that you have created a wall around you and it is difficult to get you. So travel in small group minimum 3 or 4. Don’t give him so many choices!

Don’t Break Eye Contact Immediately

If a guy catches your eye, don’t look away instantly. You may be shy to look into his eyes but this can make him think “I don’t want you”.

Be Aware Of Your Behavior

If you know the problem then it is easy to resolve. This applies every part of life not only on dating. Don’t need to be needy and be good to him. Make him comfortable when he is with you. Love him, he will love you back.