Do You Agree With These 10 Things Women Should Never Lie To Men About?

Women should never lie to men about age

Though delicate but it’s quite necessary to let it out. If his love is not just an infatuation then age won’t matter to him. Your insecurity about revealing your age would only make him doubtful.

Be more transparent

It’s extremely important to be absolutely transparent with someone though it’s not easy when you’ve just started a relationship. It’s better that you share everything with your partner without waiting otherwise some fiendish person will try to ruin your relationship. Yes, you need to muster a lot of strength in doing so but it will keep your relationship healthy.

Speaking of which…

Be open on your views about sports

Women don’t like sports as much as men do and they will never want to see their babe just pretending to like sports. If you are not interested in the game he is watching then be open to him on it. Stop pretending to like the sports and sit through his hours of TV instead be truthful to him.

Past intimate flings

If you don’t want to bump into your ex and be in an awkward place in front of your man then it is important to be true about your past intimate relationships. Tell him as many details as possible to avoid his skeptical behavior afterwards. This move will help you to gain his trust completely.

 Don’t hide lack of cooking abilities

Claim to cook your man’s favorite dishes without even knowing how to hard boil an egg is faking the reality in the eyes of him. If your cooking abilities are not polished then it is important to let him know about it so that both of you will together find a solution.

Discuss your life after marriage

Girls do make castles in air and there should be no reservation regarding bringing up your marriage goals. A strong relationship allows both partners to live comfortably with each other and be respectful to future goals and expectations. Your man will listen to your marriage plans attentively if he is sincere on his side.

The friends’ circle in which your man moves

Ladies, in case you want to stop your man going for the company he keeps then have your valid reasons ready. Choose gentle words when talking about his friends. You know his friends are using him but if he doesn’t agree to then be careful with the choice of your words. He won’t disagree when you’ll give him a rational point of view.

Share your concern for keeping female friendships

Girls are really possessive when their man keeps female friendships. If your man is a little too friendly with them and you’re worried that line could be crossed then stop him. He will not question your authority as he really loves you.

Tell him your communication with your ex

Without making him more skeptical about the phone calls you exchange with your ex, it’s better to tell him. Don’t hide such pertinent details of your life from your husband, he deserves to know

Don’t hide the real you

Guys love those women who own their personalities even with flaws. They would never want you to hide your true colors behind makeup. His seriousness towards relationship will come to truth when he will accept you for who you really are.

Do you agree with these things?