11 Things All Women Do Secretly but Will Never Admit

Prim and proper, is a phenomenon mostly associated with stereotypical feminine aura that is expected from women to exude, at all time. But under the lady-like façade, women do secret things, that all of them do without getting noticed, publically. However, those secrets are being avoided by women to ditch embarrassment as there would be some repulsive ones to not share out loud. But there are things all women do and will never admit.

 Stalking people for juicy news


Girls spend hours prying on people just to be well informed and to know about all the juicy happenings in their life. Nobody else knows better the tact to deflect the conversation when it aimed at these beautiful creatures.

Good at holding back sobs in public

Women are fairly sensitive than men when it comes down to the matter of emotional instincts. However, they won’t feel comfortable showing their welled up eyes to others and put a restrain whenever they have to.

Practicing in front of a mirror


Women believe to hit the bar whenever they have to and in doing so they like to be prepared for anything and everything. It may sound a little crazy to most, preparation in front of a mirror every time but it saves them to ensure that it exudes the intended meaning.

Keeping low volume on earphones but in fact eavesdropping at the same time


They enjoy being a little nosey into places where they have no business in doing so. They pretend as they are listening from their headsets but beware their earphones would be on low volume and they could be prying up on your life stories.

Snapchat accidentally to her crush but not in reality  


No one but they know the way to pretend the legendary accidental snap. Their dexterous mind work amazingly to gain attention while acting like they don’t even know how it happened.

Pretending a conversation on the phone to an outright rejection


Women know every tactic to deal a person who they aren’t interested in and a pretense conversation on the phone is the best trick they use when they don’t want to just out rightly reject someone.

Weird beauty on a budget rituals


At most time, they ditch a deep cleansing that requires deep pockets! Often, they try weird smelling mixtures on their face on a girls’ night out, just for fun and good skin.

The perfect reply to text messages


They give an impression of being careless about a conversation but in reality, they spend hours fixating over what a message might mean and how to formulate a perfect reply.

Keeping screenshots of conversations


Women can be notorious! You don’t realize but they take screenshots of every conversation you’ve had with them and forwarding to all their friends to maintain record and will never admit.

A covert comparison with other women


Women start mentally computing and comparing themselves the moment they lay their eyes on other females. Especially, in professional environment, when a new girl takes all the attention, their mental evaluation process turns on and they make comparisons from personal demeanor to professional competency.

Lie about their size


Women undergo difficulties sharing their weight or size with others as they are expected to be a certain shape and size, no matter how their body naturally is. They are being considered sneaky for not sharing true specifics but one must imagine the emotional trauma they would have to go through to lie about who they really are.