What Women actually mean When They say “They are Fine”

Here you will be able to find out some of the things they actually mean:

Try to understand her

Most women don’t mean what they are actually saying. Their partner has to understand what they actually want to say by witnessing their tone, actions, and other factors. They will show you attitude throughout the day and expect that you will find what is wrong. And notably to identify the problem is very important for a good relationship.

Be friendly

Women are creatures that are naturally spunk but sometimes they need you to understand by just saying “I am fine”. As the men know how to change the topic or to move another point by just saying these line “Don’t you think it interesting that…” Or “how funny that sound that…” But women need you to understand them fully because they think you are just not for spoon fed. You already have to know what you have done wrong or why they are upset. You need to be friendly with her so that she tell you everything clearly.

Pacify her

The problem is not that you are cop an attitude but actually, women are socialized to not to speak up what’s in their mind, Now you have to pacify her without reaching any conflict. It’s not good to adopt the passive aggressive approach to find the solution. They always thought that it is not productive to being always told what’s the problem is, what they want or speak for things that they want to resolve.

Fix the problem

We all want to resolve the problems in our life but don’t want to talk about them. The Same case is here, that being open and honest mean that they will lose their position in the relationship. That can be considered as their weakness. We think to suppress what we feel and show the world over fake smile. Women do the same they show fake smile as they think it can make things much worse than before.

Don’t be dominant

When you are bound to someone that means they can hurt you. You give them that power that’s why acting you don’t care is also a mechanism that people use for defense. But actually, the problem is the man who is considered dominant in a relationship, when women are considered as meek, irrational and emotional people. This is not true because men can also be emotional and sensitive in nature. They are always seen as “defensive and strong” rather than being “overprotected or sensitive”. Don’t you think this is called “Double standard”?

Make her feel special

Don’t forget to make them realize that their feelings are always important and their gender doesn’t define their worth. All of their feelings, emotions, opinions, and thoughts have weight and these all must be considered as an important factor in your life.

Be with her

Help them fight for the things that they want, for their rights and also let them educated the world what power women have. Don’t be afraid to speak up what’s in your mind and don’t forget you are as important to them as they are to you. Support her!