9 Ways To Know Your Woman’s Heart That She Is Madly In Love With You

Men and women are yin-yang pieces, different emotional compositions, different preferences, when it comes to love and romance. Men in secret desire their girlfriend to give them all the love, however not able to reveal their true feelings for them. Women, despite the natural ability to express love and affection overtly, sometimes remain on the back foot having confusing thoughts of their status in their guy’s life.  Sometimes, it takes miserably long time before both of them would come on the same page to tell each other that they have strong feelings of love and they want to be together. Men, relatively could take more time than women to be more mindful of feelings thus it gets difficult for them to know their woman’s heart that she is madly in love with them and just waiting for a positive signal.

Being a man, you can’t deny every emotion that swell in your heart just because you are not sure whether you would be able to take the relationship for a long haul or not. Your girl is waiting for you and she is willing to do many things just to make you happy and comfortable with her. Don’t blind yourself just because your arrogance don’t allow you to confront your girl about your truest desires. She is in love with you and she is telling you in several ways to make you realize that her life is incomplete without you in it. Look into her eyes and you will see deep mad love for you.

1. Her mind has a database full of your sayings.

She really gives her full attention when you two spend time together. Her mind is like a database storing all the details about you and it’s not difficult to retrieve and quote a saying when you’ve said that to her.

2. She stays around you to never miss intimate moments.

She wants to spend every second of her life with you, therefore she stays near to you when she feels you’ve some alone time and you two can be together to catch up intimate moments.

3. You can feel her warmth when she is comfortable touching you.

Her gestures are noteworthy because you can feel warmth and care whenever she touches you. She is comfortable sharing her personal space with you and this is a big indication of her deepest feelings.

4. She lends a helping hand to run household errands.

She doesn’t feel it a burden or you taking an undue advantage of her feelings. She loves you and she likes to do work for you whenever you need her help.

5. She follows you everywhere on social media like you are her favorite celebrity.

She’s obsessed with you like her favorite celebrity. She makes it sure to the world that you are booked and she is totally mad for you.

6. She never ends conversation with you because she wants to go on and on.

She wants your incessant attention and for that she does her best to have prolong conversations with you.

7. She sees you like she is staring at your soul.

Seriously, you can tell the intensity of her love through the way she looks at you. She wants to capture every second of your movements therefore she never skips eye contact.

8. She tries to figure out things that would be your passion too.

You will be amazed to know that you two share similar interests and passions and this would become possible because she has immersed herself into your liking and disliking.

9. She is serious when she tells you that she is madly in love with you.

A true lady will only express her deepest emotions to a man when she is serious that she can spend her lifetime with him. You need to respect her emotions and don’t let her hanging.

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