He Is A Type Who Is Not Serious And Will Never Marry You

It’s unreasonable to look for a perfect guy who is a reflection of someone out of your favorite romantic novel or movie but it’s not wrong to keeping a bar for the person you will end up marrying to. The one thing you should be thinking at time of making a decision is that a relationship can be perfect with an imperfect person. But imperfection doesn’t mean that you will choose a guy who is not serious and will never marry you.

You should be clear on your definition of the right and wrong guy you will accept in your life. The standards you set for the guy you will fall in love with should need to be flexible and reasonable. This way it will not bother you giving in to a few compromises to make a relationship work. Hence, you are open to leniency then it won’t be difficult for you to tolerate the shortcomings of your guy.

Not every time, you’re going to get things your way. You will understand this because you have attained a certain level of maturity and you know a relationship only works when both partners share mutual understanding and accept each other with flaws.

Here, you are not being asked to lower your standards but the unreasonable expectations that don’t allow you to fall in love with someone who is serious about you and waiting for your approval.

You don’t settle for a guy who can’t make you happy or love you the way you deserve to be loved. Settle with someone who can love you after knowing your imperfections and will not make you feel uncomfortable. You can have a long shot with your guy if he is not among the following:

  1. The guy who thinks that all women are for the pleasure of his fancy. Certainly, a guy with this mindset is going to fall in love with whatever you can offer him. He has materialistic desires and nothing in his heart can give you happiness in a relationship. If he makes you believe that he loves you then don’t trust on his words because his love is like having a fancy for expensive watches or cars, it will soon fade when he lures to other objects.
  2. The guy is totally self-absorbed. Do you feel you are being heard or acknowledged by your guy? He is too self-absorbed and cares for his own needs only that nothing related to you matters to him.
  3. The guy who is shallow and don’t regard your emotions. You don’t feel attached to him on emotional level because he lacks depth and doesn’t understand the value of fulfillment.
  4. The guy who gives importance to parties than spending time with you. There is nothing wrong with a person who is fun loving but a person who has all the time for social meet ups but no time for you can’t seem to settle down with you.
  5. The guy who controls your individuality.His expectations to change what you choose to feel and want to live in seem unjustified. When he is not able to understand that what he is asking is making you uncomfortable then it’s better to cut off and live your life on your terms.
  6. The guy who has problem with you guy friends. This shows his insecurity and unwillingness to trust you.
  7. The guy who disregard emotions to feel better about himself.He is not worth a long relationship. When he will never give regard to other people and their emotions then imagine how he will give you protection of a relationship.
  8. The guy who is not clear to you on his commitments. There is no future with this guy who can’t commit on trivial issues, marrying him will be a mistake.

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