Say it a social anomaly or their natural inability, men aren’t open to other people, even to their partners, the way a woman can. It’s frustrating often to women when they can’t get to know what exactly her man needs, physically or emotionally, therefore partners remain unhappy together.

Vagueness spreads between partners, leading to bickering, arguments, and unnecessary fights. To resolve a state of unclear emotions and to understand your other half, here are 7 things we are going to discuss that will crack the mystery of what your guy desires in a relationship?

1. Respect Binds All Together

Constant lack of respect shatters every bit of love present in a relationship. When respect is lost then there are fewer chances your love relationship survives. He will seek your true love and acceptance when he sees respect from you in true terms.

2. Show of Emotions

As we have discussed in the beginning that men are inherently unable to express what they truly feel and showing their weaknesses like, fear of insecurity, expressing doubts and sense of low self-esteem.

They open up to their partners when they start realizing that they can trust their other half on accepting the inner fears, one withholds due to society.

Such is the moment to get hold of his heart by not pushing him away or getting uncomfortable when he starts to talk about his feelings.

3. He Desires Your Praises

Won’t this make him arrogant? No, certainly not! A little praise, every now and then, for the things he does for you and the moments he makes special for you, will not turn him into egotistical.

Let him know that you notice his efforts for making your day great, his way of saying a specific word, and listen to him with same passion and attention in which he tells you about his achievements.

Your praise and approval can bring a remarkable change in him and so do in your relationship.

4. Don’t act too clingy

He will not approve of you being clingy towards him. He desires his individual space as you do. Don’t try to override that by controlling things he wants to do alone. Give him space otherwise he will start looking for reasons to just run away.

5. A comfortable s*xual connection

Open and comfortable s*xual connection is necessary for a healthy relationship. Every man desires that his woman comes across with the same intensity and passion the way he brings when in physical contact. If you act hesitant then he will feel like he is forcing you into anything.

6. Physical Touch Creates Warmth between Partners

S*xual desire isn’t the only way your guy feel your love but the way you two share warmth in your relationship is the most important aspect. It can be the way he caresses your back in crowd, giving him a hug or intertwining your fingers into his hands when he is feeling low, are the ways to share physical touch.

7. Security is what your guy desires in a relationship

Certainty is the security that makes him feel to open up on all the facets of his life, his beliefs, his living style, and making sure that you will not judge him on any criteria.