11 Easy Ways Keeping Your Man Interested

It’s fortunate that the guy you loved and wished to be part of your life fell for your love effortlessly. But, what’s next? How are you keeping your man interested? There are other options and he could easily get off track if he wouldn’t find you attractive. Then, what are the ways to draw his attention on you and live a lasting relationship. Many things, simultaneously, are important if you are ready to give in and take your relationship seriously.

We would like to give you a relationship guide on keeping your man interested or to attract someone you’re chasing for some time.

1. Shut your phone, he needs your attention.

Stop taking selfies at every step. He may need privacy and don’t want you to keep updating your status every other minute. Just focus on him and you will get all of his attention.

2. Stay true to your original personality.

Don’t think about changing yourself just because you assume that he will be pleased with your changed personality. He will rather love you more with your individuality than a pretended version.

3. Be serious about your self-respect.

How would you expect a guy to respect you when you don’t have self-respect? Only you know your true worth. You need to be serious about your self-respect and only then you can get respect from your man.

4. Don’t put your mood off of his hobbies.

According to you, he may have boring hobbies but showing interest in the things he likes to do would make him realize that you are putting efforts to keep him happy. Ask him to take you on his favorite sports, watch movies with him on his favorite genre, and sometimes choose his favorite dine in place.

5. Show your intellect.

Beauty with brains is a man’s ultimate desire in a girl. Let him know of your opinions and views on topics he likes to discuss. Do some research and engage with him in conversations.

6. Become financially independent.

If you two are dating then it’s best to bear the burden of your expenses. Men like girls who are aware of their financial scores and work hard to bring stability in their life. Being independent financially will give him an impression that you are not inferior on any level and will not settle on anything less.

7. Tell him what you feel.

Guys like those girls who are pretty sure of their life and their feelings about their relationships. If you love this man in your life then telling him your emotions would not build any confusion on his part. It will also send a message that you are strong-willed and clear about what you feel.

8. Try boast some confidence but not arrogance.

Confidently carrying yourself is a desirable personality trait by men but arrogance and overconfidence would never attract your man.

9. Speak often about your fears.

Speaking of vulnerabilities to your guy will not make you weak in front of him. It will make him believe that you trust him more than anyone else and you’re ready to put your guard down. Talking about your vulnerable points will attract him and he will understand you more.

10. Love for his family.

Show your genuine feelings for his family and you will not have to do anything else to grab his attention. Love his family and he will leave everything for you.

11. Stand by his side in difficulties.

He wants to hear that he can overcome any difficulty that life throws at him. Tell him that he can and you are at his side to achieve what he wants to and you will get all of his attention for lifetime.