Watch a Baby Girl Born With No Hearing Ability At All Hears To Her Mother Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

Little Charlotte opens her eyes in to the world with no hearing ability but a miracle happens and she listens to her mother’s first words, ‘I Love You.’

Charlotte’s parents, Christy Keane and her husband, are at a loss to the reason that no one in their family has a history of hearing loss. While sharing her story on Instagram, mom wrote, even if there could be a case in their families, nothing can really prepare them for such news. Nonetheless, they are okay with it and she is still their perfect daughter.

The sad part in Christy’s story is that her daughter never heard her prayers when she was in her womb, she was never able to hear them welcoming her in to the world, she never listened to her mother’s lullaby at night, and the most difficult one, she never heard her mom say ‘I love you.’


Sometimes miracles happen in the most unusual circumstances.

Charlotte, only a few months old, cannot go through cochlear implants, at the moment, instead, she is being fitted with hearing aids by her doctors.


The moment doctors give it a go and Charly’s mom got to say those three little words to her, her face lit up. Finally, Charlotte could hear her mom say – I love you.


Her eyes glistening with pool of tears, emotions welling up as little Charlotte, born completely deaf, is now able to listen to her mother’s prayers and lullaby and after a long wait of silence she can hear her mother saying, ‘I love you.’

Christy posted on Facebook about the miracle moment she has been waiting and praying for Char and when she got her hearing aids, all her prayers and patience paid off. The day she was born and the news of her impaired-hearing broke to them, they didn’t think that she would ever hear again but this is an incredible moment for them and they can’t put it in to words. She wrote on Instagram that both of them are utterly delighted and surprised when their baby girl gave her heartfelt emotion after listening to her mother for the first time.


Since the day Christy’s video has hit the social media, in about a week, it has gone viral and receiving 10 million views and over 200,000 shares. People are sending their immense love and prayers seeing the mother-daughter moment. It’s an inspiring and moving video that will reach to other parents facing similar issues.

Watch Charlotte and her mother now as she is able to listen to three magical words coming from her mother for the very first time. Click share to continue the thread of love and smiles!