These 10 Types of Behavior Reveal That He Likes You More Than a Friend

1. Long phone talks:

Friends do have long phone talks but when a guy thinks about you more than a friend then he would use every second of his free time talking to you. He reveals his feelings for you when he keeps calling you, sometimes just to hear your voice badly.

2. Full attention on you:

You will find him obsessed with you in every way. Friends compliment and criticize as well but when a special friend is paying attention to you then you will hear all praise from him. He will shower you with all the good words that would describe his feelings for you.

3. Interested in you as a person:

He is interested in knowing you in every aspect. Your personality amazes him and he finds your perspective unique. He wants to know you from inside out because he is doing a long life planning and you are definitely in it.

4. All ears to you:

He will not just listen to you but your words and opinions would really matter to him. You can observe his attention span on you from the way he remembers the things you’ve said months back. Your opinion has a great value in his life and while you’re talking, he is seriously listening to every word you utter. 5. Gentleman behavior:

His kind and chivalrous ways to make you feel comfortable can announce a big thing for you. Guys don’t hold doors or pull out the chair unless they have feelings developing for a special girl in their life. They would really want to bring all the ease and comfort in the life of someone who is special to them thus, their gentlemen behavior becomes the proof that they like you more than a friend.

6. Call you with your nickname:

When a guy wants to reveal his feelings of affection for you then you will start noticing him calling you not from your name but baby, babe, sweetheart, or honey…etc. This secret language of love builds intimacy between two people and reveals when someone is seriously falling in love.

7. Generosity:

He is ready to do anything for you and only for you because you mean a lot to him. Men use grand gestures or expensive gifts to impress girls but when he surprises you with a small generous gesture then he really means his business. He would daily give you compliments or let you use his own things that he might be possessive about.

8. Smiling with you:

Sometimes, there are unconscious signals telling about the inner emotions or the exact state of a person who is interested in you. Smile is that unconscious gesture that people who are in love and when that person comes in front of them, they can’t control it. They wear genuine smiles when spending time with their lover. You need to notice that love-struck grin on your man’s face to know he’s not just a friend.

9. Protective:

He’s not insecure about you or the relationship but he is protective to make you feel secure. Whenever he is around, you can notice that he handles things so smoothly that you may find difficult to tackle. Your life seems easy and flowing without hindrances when he is close.

10. Long-term future plans:

It would be a solid proof when your man asks you about the next summer trip or a plan that he would only discuss with someone with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with.