All you want that the man you’re in love with misses you and will feel your absence whenever you’re not spending time with one another. All the tricks in your sleeves that you thought would make his heart grow fonder of you would seem to be not working. This article will help you with 4 ideas and your man is going to miss you like crazy.

You are thinking in a right direction but your execution is wrong. Time that you live apart from each other makes you realize the value of the person in your life. Absence makes you miss the person you’re in love with more and you look forward to seeing them again. This is how you judge that a person is truly emotionally invested in a relationship and when the partner is not there then the time spend without them isn’t easy to bear.

The attachment to your partner and the relationship is a sign that a certain passion is built up and you begin to think just how significant that person is in your life. The same closeness you want your man to feel and live in when you’re not around. You want to remind your partner that your place is not like a furniture item; with or without you may live easily, but you want that your absence should have an incomplete and unfamiliar effect on his heart.

1. Be the positive light in his life.

If you are being negative and annoying all the time that you two spend together then you are not giving him any reason to miss you when you aren’t together. Partners do things that would make their life easier and merry. There is already too much negativity outside and once your man will realize that coming back home would give him million reasons to stay happy and spend quality time then he’ll feel the void that you’ve left behind. Always try to keep the environment of your home positive, bring smiles on his face, and take care of the house that when you’re not around not only your man but the house will also miss your absence.

There should be a reason that he’s really going to miss having you not around. If you add up more stress in his life then he will find another place to find peace for him, don’t let that ever happen.

2. Give him space when he asks for it.

People believe that there is no room for individual space once they get into a relationship which is not healthy for your personal and emotional health. Though, you have a new person in your life that needs your time and attention but you are the same person who loves to indulge in some personal time the way you have been doing all your life. The same way when your man asks for some personal space, you shouldn’t resist giving him. Give him space and he will realize the importance of your presence in his life.

3. Being clingy whenever you’re apart won’t help.

Texting him every single second, tagging him on social media posts, selfies and snaps will make it look like that you’re trying too hard to make him miss you. Don’t make it too obvious that you want him to miss, just excuse yourself from his life for some time and he will run after you.

4. Let him earn your love and attention.

The effective way of making him feel wanting you is through the way you let him earn your love and attention. Don’t rush in your relationship and don’t make things too easy for him.

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