6 Signs You Should Trust Your Man Because He Isn’t Just Playing With You

You were being played by men and have experienced breach of trust in your relationships. You trusted your instincts many times and have put your vulnerability on stake but you were betrayed by them. You think you have had enough now for trusting on people and not falling in love again because it will keep you safe from being hurt. Your position is understandable because you no longer want to give other people the power to hurt you and to take control of your vulnerabilities, one more time.

Having thought of it all, there is a part of you that still want to find true love for yourself. You need to take a chance, to open yourself up, to be vulnerable again, and to fall in love for someone. Yes, you don’t want to get hurt or endure the pain that you’ve had before. Then, what’s need to be done? It is a risk but you can make it work in your favor this time by figuring out if he is actually worth taking a chance on; if he’s a guy who is worth being vulnerable towards.

Love changes our perspective of seeing things in the world and though it’s a risk but refusing to let love into our lives is doing unjust to us.

You may be afraid to allow yourself to be vulnerable for the man who is worthy of your attention. You’re skeptical whether he is worth taking a shot or not. You need to gauge people properly and be a better judge of character to make sure you can trust your man and he isn’t just playing with you. The following signs can determine to trust your man:

1. He has a genuine smile on his face whenever he’s around you.

It’s obvious and noteworthy when someone is faking a smile or pretends to be happy at the moment. But you can also judge when he makes a genuine effort to make you happy and has a genuine smile on his face whenever he’s around you.

2. His actions express his affection.

You can always know the intentions of your man from their actions. They are not good at expressing their feelings through words but their actions can tell you a lot about their feelings and how much they want to stay with you.

3. He asks you to stay natural in your being.

Men ask for changes when they are in a relationship. They make things difficult to acknowledge flaws in your personality. But you can trust your man if he insists you to stay natural and accepts you as you are. This indicates that you are enough for him in your original self and he is not the guy who wants to change you as per his convenience.

4. He is still with you after seeing the worst of your personality.

No other sign is required to trust him when he is sticking on your side after seeing the worst of your personality.

5. You feel compatible on thinking same values and principles in life.

There will be minimal friction in your relationship because you two are compatible on sharing similar values and principles in life.

6. He prioritizes your needs in his life.

You can feel your importance in his life when he put your needs above everything else in his life. he deliberately makes you feel like you’re the only person who is important in his life and he would willingly drop anything for you.

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