Top Behavioral Signals When Your Partner Wants To End Your Relationship

Series of troubling events, unresolved conflicts, or deep seeded issues, any reason can inflict a thought process that could convince your partner to end your relationship.

It’s hard to predict your partner’s decision of breaking up because it is not based on as the immediate response to sudden crisis in a relationship, but, as manifestation of an underlying resentment.

Passiveness may not be the only way to diffuse harshness in the moment. It can crop up disorder of feelings, churning underneath, and ready to erupt at any possible circumstance.

Actions may not predict when your partner wants to end your relationship but unspecified behaviors that can put out red flags and you have to address them, ASAP.

Are you observing any change of behavior, out of routine, in your partner?

You should try every shot that you possibly can, muster strength to establish connection, and talk things out to prevent any point of conflict.

Stay on top of your relationship matters and preserve the strength of your union if you find your partner exhibiting below mentioned behavioral signs.

1. They tell you every day that how much they are disappointed in you.

They are disappointed in you because your arguments have always been an accumulation of hurtful comments and heart wrenching statements and they could expect nothing positive, thus far. You need to be mindful of your words and actions, not to be hurting anymore, in order to gain their respect.

2. The underlying ruthless criticism is tormenting you.

Anywhere, in private or public, you feel being the victim of continuous inconsiderate criticism and you can’t expect this from your partner. They are doing this to make you feel bad because a hint of resentment and ill feelings inhabit your partner’s heart. As soon as you spot this problem then you must give attention to this issue before anything else.

3. They refuse to pay you any mind, you’re not heard anymore.

Communication is essential in any relationship and to stay active in this role both partners must ensure each other that they are heard properly. If your partner is refusing to pay you any mind, ignoring your valued opinion in all or sundry decisions, then you have to make effort that somehow they begin to pay attention to you again.

4. They remain overwhelmed with anger feelings and lash out at you regularly.

If you seem to ascertain that you are at the receiving end of your partner’s fits of anger without any substantial reason then you need to address your partner’s discomfort soon.

5. They are no longer spending time alone with you.

Routine is the biggest indicator of someone’s changed behavior. Your partner is spending all their time outside and not with you indicates that you need to be worried on this unspecified change of pattern.

6. They are restricting your freedom and individuality.

There is no other plausible reason than to determine that there is certain distrust in your relationship and that’s why you partner is limiting your freedom.