Top 10 Lies Men Admit They Tell To Women

Ladies, don’t fall for their flattery, men often hide behind sweet talk or to well put “lies” to play their cheating game. Here are top 10 lies men admit to and they successfully use to keep on the safe place.

1. I’ll give you a call tomorrow

They use this lie every now and then to avoid women. If he has sent you a message saying this, then my sincerest advice for you is to not wait and waste your time. It’s their trick to stall more time and keep you away.

2. She is no competition to you and not pretty at all

In order to change the topic, men say this lie to their women. In reality, they ogle at other women and when they sense that their partner has caught them red-handed, they try to handle situation by saying this.

3. I am single and looking for someone interesting

If they are married and wearing a band, they will quickly take it out to make it look that they are available. If they are seeing someone, even then they will give an impression that they are not in a relationship and haven’t found anyone interesting yet.

4. Nothing’s wrong, everything’s fine

Men carry a facade to protect the male ego and not to show their feelings. They tend to avoid drama and confusion over some issues though, they may not mean at all. Publically, they show that they are absolutely fine but not when they are alone.

5. I am sorry

This is another big lie because men don’t want to use these words unless and until things are getting out of their hands. They rarely admit that they are at fault but for the sake of maintaining a good relationship, they say these words but don’t mean the feeling behind it.

6. Traffic is making me late

This is another charm trick by men that they use to show women how busy they are. Generally, they are not stuck in traffic but they use this lie to cover when they want to come late for any occasion.

7. No one comes before you, my first love

This is another tactic to impress the other girl however, men fall in love with every other girl they come across.

8. Hang on I’m on the way

They handle aggression of their women by saying this lie. They may another arrangement with someone else but they keep you waiting to take control of situation. This is also a common lie to use when avoiding meeting someone or attending an event.

9. Your beauty is matchless and one in millions

Undoubtedly, women love compliments shower at their way. Men use this tactic very well to impress a lady. This is also not true, men know very well and they play this lie often to have affairs with many women.

10. You know me now, this is the way I am

Just to make a soft corner in the heart of a lady, a man says this to avoid an embarrassing situation because they don’t even have any idea about who you are. It also makes an impression that you will behave this way and they should have a better understanding of the way.

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