Things All Women Find Attractive In Men But Never Talk Openly

You cannot judge what resides in a woman’s heart. Women can find attractive totally unexpected things in men that you may never even think about. It’s not always posh or flashy things that women are attracted to. Perhaps, there is a list which you could have never imagined that your woman may like in you.

1. Veins prominent on muscles

Women are not just fans of masculine muscles but they may also like veins prominently peeking through muscles. Especially, calve muscles are the center of attention, as it signifies a man who is interested in athletics and physical fitness.

2. Husky or sleepy tone

You may work on the way you talk but you may have not known to the fact that women like sleepy voice of men. You think that clearing your throat and making it sound fresh will give an impression on your woman. But you don’t know this your woman like the sound of your sleepy tone.

3. Hair on face

A full beard or stubble, whatever is your style your woman will love some hair on your face. She would want her hands to lace through your facial hair and show her love. Growing of beard or appearance of short hair on face is a sign that a man has conquered the challenges to be fully masculine.

4. Men who love kids and pets

Kids and pet are somehow signs that a man is ready to start a family. Women love it when they hear about family and keeping a pet in house. Women are more attracted to the family-oriented guys than non-serious dudes.

5. Learned men with fancy vocabulary

It is not necessary that a man has to use long complicated words to make an impression on a girl. Apt use of words during a conversation leaves a compelling effect. Add to it, fancy vocabulary and the right way to use it shows a person’s level of intelligence.

6. Choice of music and musical instruments

As much as they love music, they also attract to a man who has a knack to play some music too. Especially, if a guy knows how to play the guitar then you will be successful attracting the woman of your dreams. Choice of good music reflects that you have a poetic nature which is romantic, compassion, and passion in life.

7. Casual way to carry the formal clothes

Sleeves fold up over your elbows is the most loved thing and women find it really8. attractive in men. Prim and proper and buttoned cuffs give an impression that you are not fun loving. Having a casual attitude even with the formal clothes gives off a vibe that you can jump off anytime to get your hands dirty and enjoy your life.

9. Body smell

Smell of body tells a lot about the habits of a person. It also indicates that a person is aware of physical hygiene or not. Men can smell good even without cologne but it is necessary they take care of their eating habits. If you eat good amount of fruits and veggies daily, it will help you to smell nice without the pouring over fancy fragrances.

10. Nerdy sort

If you get a chance showing off your nerdy tendencies you should do it, it will work in a positive way. Bring out the art that is hidden inside you and work it out to tell your woman that you could do much more above the physical appearance. It might be surprising for you but you may be successful in getting attraction of girls.

Preview Pic Via: WendyDoodles