Things Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Personality


Born in January are people who can develop a strong work ethic and make influential leaders due to persistence and a drive to succeed. This birth month reveals that they voice out their opinions without hesitation and people listen to them with willingness to learn.


Born in February are dreamers, they carry a strong creative streak, and always ready to take innovative projects. You enjoy being involved in intellectual discussions, and are unresponsive to conversations that seem shallow. Your free spirit is always trying to break the confines of society’s rigid rules.


Born in March are gentle and try to live a peaceful life. They look for places that have scenic landscape and serene environments. They live inside their own heads, enjoy their quiet time a lot and use their highly creative and imaginative minds to express and make a connection with the outside world.


Born in April will love attention and tend to stay more in the spotlight. Their life mantra hinges upon doing first and thinking after. They never settle for instructions given by others rather they prefer to do things their way. They are sometimes loud and never hesitate to engage in forthright conversation.


Born in May and it will be difficult for May babies to settle on one thing. Their capricious mind demands fun and excitement, and new ways to live life every single day. They get bored alone and love to keep up with their active social life.


Born in June are compassionate and sensitive to the feelings of people around them. You have a creative insight that leads you to the future and the way you can bring your ideas into the world. You are also shy and not much expressive to confront what you feel and this makes it difficult for you to figure out how to bring your inner world out to life.


Born in July have similar traits to those born in June, instead of one thing that they are a bit more confident, spontaneous and extroverted. They have lots of energy and believe in spending life with good people and savor lively moments. They do appear cheerful and strong from outside yet they carry dark secrets and are skilled in hiding their pain from others.


Born in August are born leaders who do a lot of critical thinking and analysis. While they stand on their own opinions, the birth month reveals that they are bossy and opinionated. However, underneath all the calculations and methodical approach, they have big-hearts.


Born in September have high expectations of others, they set high bars to match, and never settle for something less than perfection. They have an inconsiderate side too when someone stepped on their bad side. This makes them mean, and they hold grudges for a very long time.


Born in October are fiercely independent and love to live among people. They have a very active social life and believe in keeping friends to death. They have a positive outlook on life and know very well the ability to keep balance and stability in everything they do.


Born in November have a passionate approach to life. Being headstrong they are never afraid to jump into a situation, no matter the consequences. They live life on their own terms and know well how to seek new ways.


Born in December are filled with go-getting energy and can’t stand to sit still for too long. They sometimes feed on their pride and lose temper with people.