The 11 signs that tell the guy you are dating is cheating on you

Any relationship that is established on the foundation of trust, can last forever. It means that trust is the backbone, lifeblood and heartbeat of any relationship. No matter how old your relationship is, the only thing that matters is that there should be trust between you and your boyfriend/husband. If it is missing then believe me, there cannot be true and pure bond between two of you. It can only be a compromise. There are some signs, if God forbid, you see in your partner, then you have the right reason of suspecting him.

  1. In case you have a date planned or have a dinner planned for the next day and your partner cancels it without giving you any justifiable reason, then do suspect him. If it has happened for the first time, then it might be a mistake, but if it happens frequently, then there is something wrong on the other side.
  2. To weigh the loyalty of your partner there is the best gauge. And that is his support for you at the time when you are weak or in trouble. If he is always not standing by your side when you need him, then his love is not pure.
  3. In case you find him keeping his phone calls secretive or covert, then he is not open to you and it surely means that he is not loyal with you.
  4. In case you find your partner always busy at odd and late hours and he is never free for you when you call him, then you should suspect him.
  5. He will keep his personal contact hidden from you. You will be unaware of his family and friends.
  6. Whenever you call or text him he would say that he would call/text you back, but would never do it by his own.
  7. You will see him roaming around with other girls, whereas he should only be dating with you.
  8. He would openly lie to you and will never disclose the complete information about his routine.
  9. He would often take some other girl’s name while talking to you. it means that he has someone else closer to him and not you.
  10. You will find him always cancelling dates and outings at the 11th
  11. He will give you ample reasons to you, which would be clear enough for you to doubt his love for you.