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Select a Tree to Know the Change That Will Happen With You in New Year

happen with you in new year


Select a Tree to Know the Change That Will Happen With You in New Year

Colors psychology is very interesting. It tells a lot about your personality and nature. That’s why different color represents different things. Red is for love, yellow is for friendship and pink is specifically for girls. So, here is the fun test for you, think of or choose a colorful tree you want to plant in your garden and we will tell what changes will happen with you in new year. Give it a try, you’ll love it.

9. Oak Tree

If you choose this tree you are an optimistic person. You love challenges and are always ready for adventure. You can’t live with restrictions. The coming year for you is full of surprises and adventure so, be ready to face it and for the excitement.

8. Larch tree

You are focused and passionate. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Once you have decided something you won’t stop until it’s done. 2018 is a year of serious commitments. Stay focused and determined. Don’t allow distractions to come in between you and your goals. Stay the way you are, and success is yours.

7. Maple tree

You are a sensitive and emotional person. You think a lot and love to spend time with your thoughts. 2018 can be your love year where you might meet your soulmate. You’ll have a total different and wonderful experience. Next year might be the twist year of your life.

6. Alder tree

You appear as a very strong person and love to help others with their issues. You also make sure that nobody sees your sensitive side because you think it makes you weak and people try to exploit you. But, next year will bring a love for you who will understand you completely and won’t exploit you. You just need to give a chance.

5. Myrtle tree

You believe in hard work instead of luck. You believe that if efforts are done then you surely get the results. For you luck is just an excuse. So, coming year will bring a reward of your efforts and hard work in a form of promotion. Get ready for something new.

4. Plum tree

If you choose this tree, then this mean you are very realistic person. You marvelously balance between you friends’ time and your alone time. Though next year do more socializing and meet new people as it will bring someone special for you.

3. Linden tree

You’re are a systematic individual. You endeavor to see each part of your life as much as you can. The trace of affectability in you generally covers the subjective side of the issue, as well. This year, you’ll discover a man who’s as mindful and sure as you. It will be perfect match.

2. Chestnut tree

You are a sentimental individual who knows how to love and to influence somebody to feel adored. People find warmth and comfort in your company. You will discover somebody who handle situations intelligently and smartly, rather than emotionally. Both of you will click together a flawless and balanced match-with their soundness and your sensitivity.

1. Willow tree

You’re presumably an outgoing individual. Continuously prepared to mingle and eager to meet new individuals. Adventures are a prime piece of your life. You won’t keep down if you wish to accomplish something. You’re waiting for lead role to play and next year is here with that opportunity.

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