He wants you to tell him that you are perfect together

He is not vocal about his emotions but what he really wants is to tell them that you are perfect together. He yearns for the words of appreciation and adoration from you. There is always this feeling inside his heart to know that the woman he loves the most wants him more than anything else.

Moreover, it is also important that there should be an open communication and exchange of compliments between partners. He is not expressive but he loves you and all he wants is your love and support.

Your words will bring him closer to you and the nice things you two share with each other will bring positivity in your relationship.

Communication serves as the bedrock for any healthy relationship; the right communication is absolutely imperative.

Sincerity must reflect when you are talking to your partner because your words will sound hollow if they will be conveyed without purpose and affection.

There is nothing to worry about if you find difficulty in choosing the right words; this article will help you out in that area:

1. If the whole world goes against you I’ll stand with you in whatever you choose to do.

Your man needs your support at every level in every phase of life. He would only be able to accomplish big goals if he will find you standing and supporting his back in tough times. Nothing will worry him as much as he knows that you are his support system and you will take fight against the whole world.

In fact, a relationship thrives successfully when both partners assure each other of their availability and unending support.

2. I’m very thankful that you are in my life and the things you do for me.

Your gratitude and appreciation mean a lot when your man is doing a lot to make you happy. He only wants that his effort should not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Small doses of validation for his nice actions will increase his confidence in your relationship.

3. I will always respect you and your individuality because I love you.

Not just in words, but in your actions also, you have to make him believe that you have great respect for him and his personality in your life. Respect manifests in actions and in this aspect your gesture should speak more than your words.

Respect plays a vital role for the integrity and strength of your relationship.

4. I am grateful that you have come into my life and have made my life easier.

He needs to listen that his mere presence in your life gives you a lot of happiness and that you don’t imagine your life without him.

5. Has your day been spent well, tell me what you feel for the time now that we are together.

When he comes back home, don’t bring all your complaints to him, let him shower, have a cup of tea and then cajole him to tell you how he has spent his day. You should also talk to him about his feelings. He might want to hide a lot of negative feelings because he doesn’t want you to know that he has some weak points. But your role is to make him comfortable and give him your trust so that he can open up to you without harboring anything inside.

6. You look more handsome and dapper every passing day.

Girls not only yearn for compliments, men also want their women to shower them with compliments every other day. He may have never expressed it or demanded for it but you should tell him nice things when he gets ready for special occasions.

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