9 Reasons It Is a Struggle for an Empath with Finding the Right Guy

1. She steers along a clear direction.

A lot of hands on experience with people on a daily basis may sharpen your observation with respect to the intensity of your relationship. Therefore, a girl who is downright an empath will not compromise on the standards that she has set in her life. You may not accept the way she has set the course of her life but she is too serious to steer it towards her goal without settling on anything less.

2. She could easily be judged wrong because of her intense personality.

Only a person who is driven with passion and energy has intense feelings and emotion and an empath like her is an eminent example. Finding the right guy is a daunting goal for an empath because people misunderstand their intense personality and get afraid of their overwhelming emotions.

3. She would not want to be with anyone who is not reliable.

Things have been fairly unreasonable with her and she has learned her lessons the hard way. That’s why she would not give a chance to anyone who is not reliable in tough times. She assumes that a partnership goes a long way when partners are dependable and supportive no matter the consequences.

4. She is straightforward and honest.

This aspect of her personality can easily turn any guy off because people don’t want to hear the truth. An empath is always honest to her words and sincere in her attitude.

5. She will not settle for an immature emotional approach.

Her needs are not materialistic but emotional satisfaction and fulfillment are two of her only demands. A guy who does not have a mature approach towards life will not get her attention.

6. She will not hand over the control of her life in anyone’s hands.

She has been through thick and thin till now and she would not hand over the control of her life to someone who is meant to be an equal partner and not a superior over her. She knows there are too many insecure men in the world and she would make a wise choice.

7. She wants a long and sustainable relationship.

An empath would not be interested in a casual hookup. Those men who play short-term flings will never a find a chance to impress her.

8. She would rather stay deeply inquisitive than play naïve.

Being naïve means you are giving the other person a chance to play with your life and he wants to. But an empath is deeply inquisitive and would take little time to judge if a person is interested for real or not.

9. She is capable of giving love wholeheartedly.

Whenever an empath falls in love she does it immensely and wholeheartedly that it could become difficult for the other person to accept her genuine emotions and that’s why she would end up in a one-sided love.