Stop Dating 10 Types of Guys if you want to Loyal Partner

Any relationship in which there is no loyalty, truth and purity, can never last for long period of time. Girls should learn few lessons before they choose guys for dating. There are different types of guys having different nature and attitude, but if you look at the bigger picture, then you will come to know that generally there are two types of guys including loyal and cheaters. Girls should definitely be aware of those, who are liars and cheaters and should never date such guys as they would end up with nothing in their hands rather than just disappointment. Following are those 10 types of guys, who are not dating material for those girls who want true love.

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  1. Never date any guy who is mama’s boy. Being closer to family is not wrong of course, but a guy should be independent and confident enough to make some moves on his own. Dating a mama’s boy would mean that you will always be secondary in his life.
  2. Musicians are also not good to make love with. They would always be busy with their gigs and would be busy roaming around the world. Girls would be throwing themselves all over your boy. So, it is better not to choose such guy.
  3. A guy with superb brain is not an interesting dating partner. He would always act like Newton and can you ever think of dating a guy who is always into scientific talks?
  4. Guys who are comedians are also bad choices. Dating a comedian would mean that you are spending time with a comic book. Whenever you would feel like talking about something serious, important or emotional, he would fix in some witty one liner that would spoil the entire value of that conversation.
  5. if you like a guy but have seen him lying to people around for several reasons, then steer your attention away from him. He is a cheater. If he can lie to people around him then he can cheat you as well.
  6. Bankers are also not good options. They are habitual of breaking promises and telling lies.
  7. If the guy you like is habitual of breaking promises and cancelling your dates, then he is not a dependable guy who can give you true love.
  8. Never date a guy, who is always into dreaming and does not talk about reality and practicality. Any such guy can never involve in true love.
  9. Try to avoid dating a guy, who obsessed with moneymaking. Such guys can never understand the value of emotions of love.
  10. Any guy, who is too secretive, should be avoided for dating. A person who is not open up to you can never give you true love.