A love relationship between an empath and a narcissist is strange and unhealthy in the long run. Empaths love without any condition and with deep emotions, on the other side, the narcissist however does not invest the way the empaths do in any relationship.

Hence, their relationship doesn’t go far because the empath wants the narcissist to pull their weight which they never do and the relationship falls apart.

The life of an empath in a relationship with the narcissist is a web that is woven by the narcissist with lies on how they love them. Throughout their relationship, the empath lives in this illusion created by the narcissist and builds such a strong connection that it becomes almost impossible to break free from it.


At times the narcissist might give an impression of falling in love and doing everything possible to save love but in reality they just want to control someone. A narcissist only loves to control people and their emotions. The inherently selfish nature allows them to care about just their own selves.

The illusion of love and care surrounds the empath and it hinders their sight to realize that the narcissist doesn’t love them unconditionally. In a relationship with narcissists, there is only one sided love and the other person will not receive anything in return.

The narcissist makes the empath dependent on them by destroying their self-esteem and confidence bit by bit to the extent that they totally rely on the narcissist. They take control of the life and make sure that the empath could never think of speaking a single word against them.


It is very easy for narcissists to take all the pampering and attention from the empaths because they want to heal the world and they can willingly give away everything just to make the other person happy.

An empath thinks of ways to fix the narcissist emotionally but due to the depth of their scars it’s difficult to penetrate in their skin and heal them from inside. Once they are broken and turned into narcissists, they do not in reality want to be fixed rather they ensnare their hapless victim into a relationship built upon lies.

Only the narcissist is receiving entirely in the relationship and the empath does not get anything out of it. The continuity of such a relationship makes them deeply unhappy.

As long as the narcissist has everything going in the favor, their relationship remains a smooth sailing but when the empath has had enough then the relationship falls apart.

There will be a time when the empath eventually rebels against the selfishness of the narcissist but the narcissist will use that against the empath and will accuse them of being selfish in their relationship.


There is this insatiable thirst of attention which never let the narcissist settles down and be content with what they have. They are even quick to ridicule the empath when they talk about their emotions and needs in life.

The course will be as it is until the empath learns from their mistakes and will realize that it’s only their good heart and compassion for others but nothing is same on the other end.


They can become more selective and cautious with time when they understand that not everyone is worthy of their unfiltered affection, joy and care. This realization will make them grow into wise human beings while on the other hand being heartless and selfish the narcissist will be left alone due to same pattern of behavior over and over again.